Pad Players

Those who play on controllers, specifically Playstation, what’s your button configuration? I want to find out the most efficient setup while I’m waiting for the HRAP1 and 2.

There is no efficient setup, since it’s a controller. For now you’ll just have to use what’s best for you. If you don’t like using your left hand for anything other than directions, you’ll probably be best off leaving the Hs on the right shoulder. No one can decide this for you.

Co-sign. I’ve used a pad for a while now, and it’s just to hard to get consistant doing even basic stuff on a pad. I’ve given up on 3rd Strike 'till I get my stick. But I have used the default setting for as long as I’ve played (over a year now, actually).

Hopefully I’ll stop missing basic stuff soon…

I can play on stick and pad, but its better to use stick cause most (if not all tourneys) are run on cabinets.

You can get great on a pad if you work on it, don’t sweat it.

As for me, I do this:

Jab - L1
Strong - Triangle
Fierce - Square
Short - R1
Forward - Circle
Roundhouse - Cross

It will be weird for a long time to use L1 as Jab, but like learning anything, it’ll only suck until you get it down. I use this setup primarily cos I learned on it, and now I still think it’s better than the default cos you can take it to any console and not have to readjust anything. Overall, this (or any variant you like) is probably the best setup; just anything without the L2/R2 buttons.

the default setup for the playstation controller seems to be the most efficient to me. I don’t personally use a pad, so im not really sure.

I heard ParryAll uses pad a lot, maybe you can ask him.

I play with pad and stick usually but I’ve only played 3S with pad since I’m so used to it.

Jab - L1
Strong - Square
Fierce - Triange
Short - R1
Forward - X
Roundhouse - O

It’s not like you couldn’t play with a pad. Getting sore fingers is the worst argument out there. The only problem I’ve come across is doing something like Ken’s kara-srk, since it’s kind of hard to hit a thumb button and a shoulder button very fast consecutively. My 2 cents.

Any config which you can use is fine.

The good thing about pad though is you can cheat and map KKK or PPP to the extra buttons. Easy EX moves :smiley:

That’s illegal for EVO, though.

I, personally, go with default, with the exception that L1 is also HK (so I have two HK buttons). I really don’t like playing on pad, thoughespecially for charge characters, since my thumb hurts after a while.

LP - Square
LK - X
MP - Triangle
MK - Circle
HP - R1
HK - R2
3P - L1
3K - L2

before 3S, in SF2 n SFA I used to flip-flop the M buttons with H buttons, so HP would be triangle then lol

I’ve been using a pad for a loooong time now and I actually used the Anniversary pad, which feels very nice. I’ve been playing with a stick for less than a week so I’m still in the process of getting used to the movements and such. It’s a hard process but I’m getting the hang of it pretty rapidly.

I find it odd that people like using L1 button. I find its a pain to be dp + L1 or cancel using L1 since pulling your index finger can through off you thumb motions.

You get used to it. It really sucks that you have to, but in the end it’s not so bad.

I started on a Dreamcast, but even then I changed it so HK was on L and HP was on R. I don’t use a controler any other way…Well…I don’t even use a controler unless I have to.

I use a Saturn replica pad I got from Lik-Sang. Hated it at first, but after getting used to the D-Pad its great. Have a Namco stick as well, but it just feels too loose for 2D fighters imo.

i just used the default config but i mapped the throws lp + lk and mp + mk onto L1 and L2. other stuff is default.

If you want to play pad on the Playstation get one of these:

The regular PS pads suck because doing even simple things like Ken’s command chain is unneccesarily hard because you have to deal with shoulder buttons. Plus the Saturn D-pad is soo nice.

Oh and most tourneys are held on the PS2 version of the game, so you can actually bring this to tourneys. Just expect alot of weird looks, and/or complements, and/or people not taking you seriously (until you whoop their ass hehe).

Still gotta learn stick though, cause you don’t wanna be left out at the arcade.

Well said, dude. Ever since I bought a stick I no longer feel inferior in an arcade! :lovin:

You can do anything on a pad… (tachi gigas is hard tho :slight_smile:

The problem is finding serious comp who won’t ridicule you for using a pad lol