Pad problems, urgent help SFIVAE


Hello everyone, im having many issues regarding fighting pads which i cannot use them in my desktop.
Madcatz pad:
Connects imediatly, because its an XBOX one, and regognizes every button except 2 D-Pad buttons.
I noticed that the back of the pad has 3 different setups (LS, DP, RS), which i dunno what they mean, and if I put them in LS / DP, it regoznises only the UP and DOWN D-Pad, while in the RS setup, it recognizes the only LEFT and RIGHT d-pad. The rest of the buttons are just fine, its just the D-Pad, but I will assume the pad is finished due to the fame of the durability that the madcatz pads have. But perhaps might be something else.

Hori fighting commander 3: Connects to the computer, even tho he recognizes the device the game won’t recognize it (SFIVAE). I don’t think the pad is broken as i have played with it in some laptops and everything was ok.
I have tryed motionjoy but it doesnt recognize a device either, and I’m kinda desperate with this one, since the Hori pad is my priority to play, and not the madcatz one.

Please help if you know how to fix this.
Thanks in advance


If the FC3 is recognized by your PC, Load AE, and go to the button configuration. You’ll need to set each motion and button first. Once you’ve done this you should have no problems with AE. Other games are a different matter.

I’ve used the FC3 with AE PC, so you shouldn’t have any problems.