pad setup

trying to do hard sweep buffer to ultra with pad and it’s fing hard.

what set up do pad users here use that doesnt involve mashing buttons with your face?

I s’pose if you plinkFierce (R1) & Light Punch then you could do get the ultra out fairely quick

Plinking is basically Pressing [] then R1 very quickly afterwards, that with pressing all the other inputs all at once,i haven’t tried it though.

Besides i hear Cr.MK is better for buffering Ultra

well to bait a focus attack and ultra the sweep is much much better. The buffer is good vs jump ins, totally different stuff.

Anyways, no idea how to do it on pad, easy as cake on stick…i have problems with the anti jump in ultra tho

Use the Shorcut?

lp -> lp -> :l:+lk+hp, after the sweep, I’m a pad player and I have no problem doing it.

yeah i find the Sweep -> Ultra pretty easy, the MK jump in, well it’s hard as hell, i don’t think i’ve succesfully done it once.

(MAinly because plinking O & [] is rock hard unless you fiddle with how you hold the controller

This is an issue I face alot. Grouching HK is most logical and simple but timing can be diffuicult, medium kick to ultra on pad anti air Is almost Imposssible, so i’m as well open to ideas on this

You don’t plink forward and jab when you’re doing anti-air demon. you just buffer the jabs in the forward animation. If you’re using pad, there’s nothing wrong with cr.HK demon as your anti-air. Whatever works.

from what i hear Cr.MK is far better for AA demon… Hitbox wise, it makes sense, i’ve seen people Cr.MK under air attacks in to combos before.

I could be wrong though… Either way i’m still learning to anticipate jump ins, & punish with SRK, i’ve got to an awkward point now, where i should be just Cr.HP’ing i’m attmpting SRK’s & hitting way to late or doing it when it’s uncalled for, like on ambiguous jump ins.

I swear you trade one bad habit for 2 when you progress in this game :stuck_out_tongue:

Double Post >_<

It’s easy on a pad, though I had some problems doing it at first. I do it like this:

:d:+:lp:+:hk: , :d:+:lp:+:hk: , :db:+:3p:+:3k:

Notice the commas. I do it like this, because it’s easier for my muscle memory. You could also do:

:df:+:lp:+:hk: , :df:+:lp:+:hk: , :db:+:3p:+:3k:

I find the second one easier because I play with the lousy standard 360 pad. Since the dpad is very sensitive the transition from :df: to :db: makes it easier because it’s harder to screw it up. Hope this helps!

And a big thanks to loltima, since I learned this from his videos :rock:

lets simplify this…get a stick…you can get te’s for 60-70 bucks some places…that’s a normal wireless controller plus $10-20…its not that expensive.

Some people enjoy playing on pad and don’t want to carry a gigantic “special” controller around everywhere.

^eh…ever since I got mine I downloaded cvs2 and 3rd strike…it has more uses…galaga and pacman got more fun in the arcade. All around a good investment in my mind…plus everything’s alot easier.

It’s not like you carry it everywhere…just to tourneys/casuals…so the distance from your house…to the car…and into somewhere else? huuuge inconvience riiight??!

what about the people(like me) who flat out suck on a stick no matter what??

i grew up playing on a pad just like how you guys grew up playing on a stick.

tere ma

yeah…I played on pad until june and realized stick was much better and got a beat up SE and sanwa’d it out for $20…which was $60 total…was total worth it…I bought a TE because I could and I’m not broke and I like the cord compartment and weight. My SE worked great and greatly increased my skill…It’s amazing the difference it makes plus as I said xbox 360 arcade games are so much more fun on a joystick.

Yeah, I’d say it’s a pretty big inconvenience to carry a 9 lb. stick around where I have to keep uncoiling and recoiling the usb cable every 3 minutes. I couldn’t even pack it in a backpack without padding it correctly in fear of putting a bunch of strain on the joystick itself. Don’t get me wrong I love playing on an arcade stick, but you can’t put it in your pocket or anything, and there’s nothing wrong with people enjoying playing on a pad.

Most of the casuals I walk to, like 3-4 miles of walking at that.

^not having a car to me is weird…but hey 9 lb joystick 20 ft to car 4 times and wrap cable twice doesn’t seem like an inconvenience to me.

I have a car, doesn’t stop me from walking. It’s like cat mentality, why stand when you can sit, why sit when you can lie down? If you compare making a sandwich versus having one made for you, of course the former is less convenient. I don’t play other games with the stick, I don’t even play fighting games (besides SF4).

^makes sense…also is your signature a quote of me?..I just happen to say that alot and you’re in MI…just wondering…also back to topic I used to use the standard layout on pad so that teleport was one button.