Pad suggestions?


For awhile, I’ve been trying to find out whether or not the PS3 Fightpad has a USB slot for cables. Mostly because I’ve got some tourneys coming up locally, and at this point I still fail at stick… :sad:

Since I can’t get a straight answer out of anyone about the Fightpad, I figure I should take the alternative approach: Are there any affordable/reliable six-button pads for PS3 that you guys would recommend?


the only pad if you have to, is a saturn pad. they are cheap, but the adapter isnt. saturn to ps2 is 30 bucks and ps2 to ps3 is another 20 thats about 50 not including the pad.

the ps3 fightpad does not have usb cables it uses a wireless dongle stick

edit; get the adapter here


Saturn pads are the standard, BUT

this looks solid ordered 2

Fighting Commander 3 (black)

also check this thread out lots of helpful people there:

hope this helps man


You don’t need an adapter for this Sega Saturn USB pad. It’s compatible with PS3 and PC too.

That actually looks really good. Would be nice of you to post a review once you try it out. If it’s good, I just might get a couple, as the face buttons look better than the SS pad.


on the contrary, the usb saturn pad works with ps3 like any other usb gamepad


any of these would work with the ps3, no adapter required


judging by the prices it looks like wot blitzfu linked. and, they suck horribly. none of those look real


Wow, that Hori pad looks enticing. And thanks for all the suggestions, guys!


I guess you want a 6-button pad specifically, but I just want to point out that the standard PS3 dual shock is actually really really good. You’ve doubtless already tried it though and probably made this thread looking for something else, but it’s worth mentioning in-case anyone else is thinking about this.

I’ve never had a single problem with dashing, FADC-ing, mash inputs (eg. Hondas’ lp mp lp mp fp input for fp HHS) etc. Highly recommend it, even if it’s not 6-button face.


I think his main problem is also having a wired controller cos he’s going to be attending tournaments.


See, here’s the weird bit: Get me on the Dual Shock with Tekken, I’m fine. Street Fighter/CvS2/etc., the D-Pad and I just don’t get along. The more complex pad motions just destroy my thumb… T-T

But like Vecayse said, the main concern is whether or not it’s wired. I think I may get that new Fighting Commander pad–anybody know if reviews of it have popped up yet?