Pad thumbsticks

This question is mostly focused to the pad warriors out there.
Does changing the thumbsticks on the controller actually help with motions. I mean like the Fps Freak series or any third party thumbsticks.

This should probably be directed to Tech Talk, since they’ll be more knowledegable on the subject.

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FPS Freak from what I gather increases the height which increases the range of motion on the thumb sticks, so no, they won’t be good for fighters. Fighters require short and fast motions, having a long honking analog thumb stick is really going to do nothing but set you back. In fact, don’t play on the analog stick, you’re only making things more difficult for yourself in most fighting games, unless of course, the game is designed around using the thumb sticks like Smash. If anything, you’d actually want the opposite for a fighter, a shorter thumb stick nub would make the range of motion smaller which would allow you to do movements faster. There are just a number of reasons why you wouldn’t want to play on analog thumbsticks, but I’m sure there are some people out there who practiced with it and actually got good at it.