Pad to arcade stick switch

Ive changed to an arcade stick after playing pad for the longeest time. I suck with it. How long would it take to get a good feel for the stick (no homo).

Try here, and there’s also a thread here in the noobie section too i think.

Tips on switching from a pad to a joystick :

Do not be discouraged ! - it takes time… I’m a casual player but spend a few hours on my days off practicing combos and losing online.

Its the right move, It took me a month to get “used” to the stick, but even longer to do things i could easily mash out on the pad…

good luck!

it takes everyone different amounts of time to adjust

you are basically RElearning the games again. but the most important part is to stop going back to the pad when you get mad and frustrated etc. keep at it.

Practice makes perfect. Just stick with it & it will pay off for you. Also, if there are any arcades where you live, it’s joystick only. Joystick offer the “true arcade feeling”. XD