Pad to Stick help?

I recently got my stick and it feels so weird. When I try to do the moves, I feel like I have no control over what my hand does. Most times it just feels like it’s all over the place and my inputs are messy. But what’s really been troubling me is the qcb inputs. I cannot for the life of me get it down even though I had it for a few days. It’s really frustrating me.

The ease of using a pad is simply because most players have been using them most their lives; its something left over from our youth. Picking up a stick (and not being someone that frequented arcades) is similar to the first time you picked up a gamepad. It simply takes time.

I’m also still learning how to use mine properly as I’m brand new but I find that whether I’m playing online, with friends, or training mode, I pick one input (Sonic Boom for instance) and focus on doing each properly instead of focusing on winning. It helped relieve some of the stress of putting myself under excessive pressure. Hope that helps!

I have a feeling that you’re more comfortable playing from one side compared to the other. I have been the same way since I transitioned into stick a week ago. I’m getting a bit better playing from the player 1 side now. All it takes is spending some time in training mode just do your BnBs over and over.
I personally got a stick and stuck an 8-gate on it, now when I swear by it. If there’s an arcade nearby that sells parts maybe you can try out the 8-gate. Otherwise just practice in training mode and eventually you’ll be at the same level you were when you played on pad!

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