Pad to Stick Question

Quick question if I have an old wired 360 pad can I some how make it useful in an arcade stick?

IE can I solder the buttons to whatever parts of the pad to make it work,

Also does this cause any input problems? And if its possible/useful how do I google the tutorial?

Thanks in advanced

It pretty much depends on the pad. If the PCB isn’t common ground it’s a pain to make work with a JLF or a seimitsu stick with “-01” at the end of its name. Check slagcoin for more info.

Yes, make sure you get what we call a Common ground PCB from a controller.
Trust us when we say this will make your job 1000% easier

If it isnt common ground, Then the easiest stick to use would be the LS-32 (do not confuse with LS-32-01). The other thing to consider is hacking triggers into a digital button. It might be hard or easy depending on the exact model year and month of controller.

I’ll echo that slagcoin will teach you 80-95% of what you need to know.

Thanks a bunch people I’m going to start reading and seeing what i think