pad users



am I the only one?
I got a stick, but nothing feels right with it
been using it on and off a month, but only pad feels good now.
I grew up using pads…stick just feels awful, every match is a painful mess unless I use pad…

does anyone else use pad over stick… really?
does it really limit anyone? because I do fine with it


I use a pad too. But I feel that the reason why people prefer sticks to pads are showing in me. My commands are not accurate and sometimes I tend to miss out on links…
Switching to a stick takes time and patience… perhaps one day…


When I play on the PS3 I have to use the ps3 controller, but when I’m playing on 360 its a stick lol.

I can do just about everything on the ps3 pad that I can do on a stick. My execution is better on the pad and for some reason my thumbs/fingers are faster than my wrists (prob due to not playing on stick that long).

Thought the only advantage on the stick for me is doing Akuma’s kara Demons and plinking.


plinking I did find easier on stick…
and commands are easier due to the sensitivity of the buttons, but it’s also bad for me because I keep hitting buttons by accident. the amount of times I’ve wandered across the screen spamming lk…
and then winning (where did all the good players go?)
everyone says to stick with it… (haha puns…)


It’s whatever best fits your play style. All stick users aren’t good players. Just like all pad users aren’t good. If you can do all the moves on pad better than stick, then use the pad. I feel as long as you can use you’re character to its full potential, then it doesn’t matter what controller you do it with.


I use the 6 button fightpad and switch kkk and ppp with ppp being on the right side. very on point and precise.


I can use a stick but I use pad because I honestly don’t care enough to spend 100-150 dollars on a stick when my controller works perfectly fine. That being said I’ve never had a problem doing ANYTHING… repeat… ANYTHING with akuma on a pad. Maybe doing his loop would have been a little easier but I was still at about 90-95% by the end of the last game. Akuma is not a character where having a stick should make a lick of difference. Only characters I can think where it MIGHT are maybe those with super-jump and punch/kick mashing moves like viper or honda. And honestly I can play viper perfectly fine because she doesn’t NEED her super jump cancels directly into ultra to be effective (the only part I’m not consistent (maybe 40% IN a match?..pretty bad…) with her…partly cuz I don’t play her often).

ohh… and I’m talking about an xbox controller too…lol. Really, it makes no difference for 80-90% of the characters in the game. Only problem with it is trying to play with a friend that has only 1 stick and a PS3… then I end up forcing the friend to have to use his pad (which most who HAVE a stick complain is a disadvantage…) or use a pad that feels foreign to me (I use the thumbstick with xbox…so having to use the d-pad stuff on ps3 feels funny).

But maybe I’m not the norm… so who knows.


Well I can play Akuma just fine with the xbox 360 controller. The only problem is that the dpad quality sucks balls since this is my second pad and its dpad is broken again. If it had a good quality dpad, I wouldn’t need a stick at all.


I’ve played pad for every FG I’ve ever played. I can do Ryu’s links on it(just not 100% since I haven’t spent even 20 minutes practicing it). I can do everything Akuma needs to just fine save for the fastest way to do Ultras which I think it’s like some one button method.


I just felt like I’d hit a wall with SF4 akuma on xbox pad.
plinking is hard as stone on a pad. my hand is not disfigured enough for it to be easy :frowning:


they’re out there (pad warriors)

i’ve played on both stick and pad throughout my life but recently it’s been mostly pad. I plan to start re-practicing on a stick though since I grew up on them, I’ll probably sell some of my USB’s since I have a lot of them.


why would you need to plink anymore with akuma?? minus the loop every link he has is at least 2 frames and shit easy to do (I think hk into might have been a 1 frame though… cannot remember). So not having a disfigured hand has nothing to do with it…lol.

More practice less thread on srk is all you need to get whatever timing issues you are having down. Maybe you can give an example of what execution problems you are having?

Either way though, execution only goes so far in upping your game. Footsies, reaction time, knowing what counters what, timing jumps and spacing (can’t plink those…lol), and most of the things that really make the difference between players all have nothing to do with comb-like execution (or… very little).

The reason I can beat a lot of people with dan even though I don’t even play dan and have no idea what links into what is because I have good reaction time, good footsies, and I have some idea what should work where (and I’d be even better if I took the time to learn more specific counters with him, etc). If a dan can knock you down and get you to try and tech a throw one time, and then beat your srk the next with EX, then block an EX srk the next wake-up, then throw you the next time… it doesn’t matter that you can do a 20 hit combo… you just were out played mentally… and that is sf.

And mindgames are 100% about the players and 0% about the controller they are using. So maybe the issue isn’t that you can’t get a certain link 100% of the time (though with practice it shouldn’t be an issue regardless of controller)… maybe it would be benifitial putting more time into some of the more basic parts of the game. These basic parts are what are missing with 90% of the people that play online and the reason both why they tend to suck and why they complain after a match.


I use a pad too, but slowly moving on to a stick.


I´m a pad player since I was born and let me tell you something:

I can do everything with akuma, links, plinking even kara-demons :badboy:. it´s just a matter of taste and a lot of practice.

Btw, is pad allowed in sbo?


I can play on a pad, but I just grew up playing SF2 on the arcade so I am more comfortable with a stick. Also I hate the Xbox D-Pad


I’m surprised that so many people here use pad. I thought I was one of the VERY few. But I don’t bother with the xbox 360. If you can do it all on THAT Dpad, then you’re godly. But I like the mad catz 6 button way better. I can do everything on it easier than the standard 360 dpad.


No. SBO is run on arcade machines.


I only ever used plinking for cMK > Ultra1
I remember fighting a akuma who did it like 3x to jumping in on me.
loved it. was mashing buttons with my teeth by the end. it’s hard on xbox pad since u need to HIT those buttons, rather than stick where u can just look at them and they’ll press

also never even tried kara-demon but assume thats plinking too

on the plus side I guess I can get away with selling this stick. anyone want a SF4 tourny stick :stuck_out_tongue: barely used still got box XD


^I don’t kara f+MP with plinkin I just double tap LP+MP which gives you 2 LP inputs…stupid easy on a joystick

But anyways…I started on a pad and used the 360 joystick…realizing that I got to a point where execution improvement was going to get tough and I picked up a stick…Gosh…just go to training room and do combos…it took me 2 weeks to convert and I remember my hands feelin really wierd and hurting a little (like playing the piano) but after 2 weeks I got to a point that matched my pad ability and I lvl’d up execution wise REALLY fast after that…Plinking is stupid easy now as well as cMP->tech opselect against rufus/cammy. Kara throw becomes way more viable and consistent on stick…it’s just the better way to go for a very input technical character like akuma. I can still play on pad for charity tournies and stuff where they don’t allow sticks but a stick is the way to go.

Gosh don’t give up on stick if you really want to improve…I know West switched as well as alot of good pad warriors recently (rico comes to mind) but yeah if your selling the stick…how much and are you going to NCR/ are you near Seattle?


^ UK *** so sorry :frowning:
but dammit man, I’m so impatient. surely you must remember the irritation of losing to pathetic trick spamming, flow chart reading noobs!?
i play for about 30 mins on stick and just snap
usually to a sodding spinny gief, who 9/10 (thanks to being able to watch replays in theatre) is CLEARLY using turbo like a bitch
/end rant

I have to try again. I know I’m at that wall on pad… god I hate this stick bs though lol xD