Pad Vegas? Anyone?



I’ve been watching quite a few videos lately of Shine, Inthul, and Shizza and its got me seriously considering getting a fightpad.
The more I think about it, Ive been more of a console player (st,alpha2) than an arcade player so really it makes sense for me to give it a shot, since after all this time I still have execution issues with my te and hori. (fadc fails, u1/super fail on 1p side >_<)

I’m alting Juri off and on and what little I’ve used the xbox controller I can tell a major difference in my play even with the octo- gate on my TE. The fadc and special/super cancelling is so much smoother. I would only assume the fightpad would be even better.

So yeah, if anyone has an opinion on using a pad w/ Vega id love to hear it. Id much rather hear your opinions than someone who plays shotos all the time, apples and oranges imo.

If the pad doesnt work its either going to be switching the TE back to 8 button and going back to square gate, or customizing the Hori : \


I sometimes play on pad when I am over friends or something, and other than the U1 motion, I usually don’t have too much trouble switching between the two.


I’m strictly a pad vega. which pad is a matter of opinion.

my opinion… i fucking hate matcatz piece of shit controllers. bought a fightpad… start button broke, bought another fightpad… hold down right and character jumps. i resoldered the start button on my first contrller and now i’m having problems with inputs not being read. so many matches have been lost because of bad input reads. I’m never buying another madcatz product again.

PS3 controller- good controller i love the dpad on it but i dont like the button configuration… ok i sorta do. like kara throwing is a breeze but meh… i still prefer the 6 button layout since that’s what i was brought up on (genesis and saturn). i can make ps3 pad work since i was also brought up on snes but i still prefer 6 button.

I have a saturn pad coming in the mail. i kicked ass with my saturn pad on SFA on saturn. so we’ll see how that goes.

my 2 cents… either use dualshock 3… or get a usb saturn pad.


Would I have to mod the saturn pad to get it to work? I’m xbox only atm.


i can play on all controllers even keybroad.

I prefer Stick the most though.


So far, all of my recorded/youtube matches have been done using the xbox controller left analog stick with default TYPE-A layout. It’s the main thing I’ve been using since I started playing SF4 in August '09. It’s done me very well so far, but I also have a fantastic modded Madcatz SE fightstick. I can do ultra II so much faster and more reliably on the stick, its not just a matter of my ability, the stick really is better than the analog for at least that IMO.

The more you use one, the more you will come to depend on it. Even though I can do all my moves and everything easily on the stick, my mental game lags far behind when I use it. Currently, If I want to go to a tournament or arcade that doesnt run SSF4 on an xbox, I won’t be able to bring my A-game. Stick is the the most adaptable thing to fight on, and it’s just cooler :smokin:. I’m considering buying a real fightpad, but I’m concerned about many of the quality issues people seem to have.


ds3 or my buddies madcatz if im on the 360. wish i could dual mod my pad


I play on the Xbox control using the stick. I hate using pads cuz they hurt my thumb and i tried learning a fightstick the other day and the fact that the buttons are all spread out got me mad =p


I’m a pad Vega (regular DS3) but I feel guilty for getting a TE stick and rarely using it online. It’s a trade-off…I’m having a hard time getting the d/f angle on stick for the launcher as I use it as much as crouching strong but links are so much easier that I don’t need to p-link. I just feel more confident on pad.


I’ve mained as a pad Vega since day 1 of SF4. I’m by no means a God, but using a pad can work. I understand the frustrations with early madcatz fightpads because the PS3 versions that first came out were garbage. But the company has made improvements and the fightpad I’ve been using for 7 months has worked like a charm. It all comes down to preference in the end, but pad users have a place in this world :slight_smile:


PS3 pad is a good pad.


Hey which saturn pad are u talking about? Can u post a link please…thanks


I believe it’s these.


I’ve been a pad player since WW.


I definately want to start using stick as soon as I have money again and can afford too…til’ then i play Vega with the standard controller, switching my Fierce/Roundhouse to the L/R bumper and 3P/3K to the L/R Triggers. Does murder to my left thumb holding down-back, so that alone has made my footsies/normal game better :P.

But yeah, definately feel the need to switch to stick


Used to play with 360 controller, after switching to fightstick I can’t see how anyone can be better on controller or par than on stick, it’s just so much easier in access and sizewise. I can actually karathrow with Vega, on controller I found it odd and could never pull off some combos.

But meh that just me, plenty of good players on pad but can’t help thinking how awesome they would be on a stick.


I play on pad on both PS3 and Xbox and it’s not that hard at all. The whole pad vs stick debate is all personal preference really. Went to East coast throw down 2 and placed decent on PS3 pad (the better pad if you use D-pad other wise stick with Xbox) with Vega.


I used pad all the way back to the start of vanilla and remained that way until christmas day, where I was given two SE Madcatz fightsticks. I’ve been playing on that since then, but recently I’ve been practicing on fightpad. It’s interesting because I feel as though my spacing, footsies, and ability to land izunas are far superb on a pad than on a fightstick. I’m going to keep practicing with the two controllers to see which one is the one I should be using.



Karathrowing is a big pain on the Controller for me too


ok guys got my saturn pad… i dunno if it works on xbox, but it works on ps3. might wanna do a lil digging on here to see if it’s compatable or not. I love this thing. it’s not perfect but it’s pretty damn good. a fucking hell of a lot better than fightpad.

no input lag
6 button layout
no floating dpad (i really really fuckin hate that shit)
Light weight
can be used at evo (unlike fightpad)
great inputs, very precise, very accurate no matter how hard you press

no PS button (sarcastically says “big deal”)
no select button (dont need it anyway… i’ll just use ps3 controller if nessessary)
has cord (technically i view this as a good thing anyway cause faster inputs and can be used at evo)
small neg but easy fix tho. gotta swap FP and KKK in button config.

last one is the biggest problem that i have to work on. Everything but super and ultra come out fairly easily. super and ultra i’ll have to work on because i’m used to the floating dpad. floating dpad was raelly good for ultra and super however sucked for normal regular inputs due to the highly inaccurate, and inconsistant inputs (right isnt always right, up isnt always up etc. it varies with the pressure put on the pad). once i build the muscle memory for super and ultra though i’ll be good.

edit: heres the pic

oh and for kara throwing… i use a niftly lil trick…

i press and hold MK (usually buffered in another move) then press KKK~LP+LK. holding MK prevents the backflip from coming out so that when you press KKK you’re really pressing HK+LK (HK comes out), and then just cancel with throw. can be a lotta work i guess but… i’m used to it.