pad warriors

I simply don’t understand why people would use a joystck over a pad. I have been told that it will hold you against such techniques as kara throwing and the like. I personally find noproblem karaing kens godlike kara in sf4. Although it requires me to remove the sock of my right foot. It CAN be accomplished. I am posting this to see if anyone else here can agree with me. Just the thought of holding a stick makes me turn my stomach. I begin to ponder the fact of street fighters using these dash movements on their penises. Pad warrior ftw.

Remove right foots sock.
place thumbs.

adjust cord length.
Wipe stick surface
wipe sweaty ass hands that have not been cleansed or rinsed since touching self’s scrotum, and room mate’s penis.
Position seat.

Again. Pad wins.

Please. This is a forum. Post respectively.


Hold up hold up, you don’t wipe your hands off before using pad? I almost never feel the need to wipe my hands when using stick, I’m always getting sweaty palms with pad though. You have to use all of both your hands to grasp a pad, but you barely touch your right hand to a stick and only use a thumb and 2-4 fingers of your left, or reversed if using a lefty stick.

As for positioning seat, 90%+ of stick players play in their laps.

My stomach used to turn at the thought of playing stick, and for awhile after I actually picked one up, but after about a month of playing I was playing at a FAR higher level execution-wise than I was with pad. Everything is literally 2-3 times easier, often even easier than that. Doing QCF or any larger circle motions is SO much easier using your wrist/hand than it is with your thumb, and it can be done much faster as well. Charge motions are also easier depending on the type of dpad your controller has, and 99% of the time it is easier.

Let’s not forget piano/slide techniques, which are physically impossible with a pad, therefore completely limiting any potential to play characters which benefit from those techniques at a high level.

You have immediate access to every button on a stick, there’s too much moving around on a pad.

The most important point is, almost all worthwhile fighters WERE DESIGNED WITH AND TO BE USED WITH A STICK FIRST AND FOREMOST. This logically makes it the ideal controller.

However, use what makes you comfortable, the only reason I made such an opinionated post is due to the douche baggish tone you used in yours.

I’ll admit 720s are easier with a floating dpad (xbox 360/fightpad style).

I perfer pad atm because I am not use to stick because I rarely play with a stick unless I go to a arcade.

I think I will go to stick sooner or later when I get the money for one but for now PAD FOR THE WIN :smiley:

you can piano on a pad.

Er, no it doesn’t. SF1 was designed to be used with a punch pad, but a real controller is much more ideal for actually playing the game, as an example.

I play exclusively with stick, partly because I started playing fighters in an arcade setting and partly because I lack the dexterity to use a pad. I find it hard to do an SRK motion on most pads, except for the floating pad-style controllers. It’s very uncomfortable for me to press 2 buttons on a pad when compared to a stick. To each their own.

You can piano using 2 buttons which are a LOT more resistant to being pressed than those of an arcade stick, and if you try to incorporate the trigger/bumper it’s really not a piano. 2 buttons is less efficient than 3 if you think about it.

I’m sorry, you must have missed the “ALMOST all” in that quote. I also meant that it logically makes it the ideal controller for the games which were designed using a stick, not all fighting games. I play most 3D games on a pad, but I play all 2D games on a stick as it just feels right. Now given some 3D games were designed on stick, I just prefer pad for 3D as I grew up playing only 3D games and I never even went near an arcade. I adapted to stick on 2D games.

Which goes back to my final point, use what you’re comfortable with. Stick does technically have a few advantages execution-wise over pad as far as making things easier goes, but you can do everything on a pad that you can on a stick and vice-versa.


ill post respectively pad sucks

Only thing you can’t do on a pad (to my knowledge) is double tap.
Kara, plinking, piano etc is very much doable, but depends on pad and button config.
And there are things you can do on pads, but not on sticks.

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I support pads, Fightsticks are made by MadCatz. Madcatz is sponsoring Daigo Umehara (A Japanese). Japanese people hunt whales. Every time somebody buys a MadCatz stick it puts money into Daigo Umehara’s pocket that he will in turn use to consume more whales.


I use a MadCatz FightPad.

Depends on what you prefer, you see Pad Champions top at times.

I’m a pad user who uses the 360’s thumbstick for all fighting games. 360 pad is garbage but the rest of the controller is great. Yeah a few bindings are required but whatever, so long as they’re not *macros *we can worry about the fight.

720´s are easier on the pad. Thats the only advantage of the pad.

half circle x2 is also easier on a pad… and… that’s it. lol

if you would’ve asked me just a couple months ago if I use a stick, i would’ve said “hell no! there’s nothing a stick can do that a pad can’t! blah blah pad for life!!!”

then i got a stick >_>

i’ll never use pad again. it’s true what they say, once you start using a fight stick you won’t want to use pad anymore. yeah it takes some time to get used to, but don’t let that deter you. just practice

I lol’d. Thank you.

and @OP

Makes you either a troll or a fucking retard. Either way it completly nullifies any arguement you may have.

You are the best poster on this site

double take

'Scuse me? Like what?

If you can give me a single example of something that can be done on pad that cannot be done on a stick, period, I’ll give you copious amounts of money.

On the other hand, as you said, double tap cannot be done on pad, and piano cannot be done except on certain pads and at the sacrifice of fucking up any normal button config.

Walking 720 and yes pianoing can be done (even by your definition) by adapting a claw style of play on any pad with 6 face buttons (for instance the mad catz fightpad).

I went from a 360 pad from a Hori EX2 right back to a FightPad. This is because I found it easier for my small thumbs to do throws and focus attacks on the FIghtPad then with my Hori.

And these Pad vs. Stick debates are always silly. When it comes to stuff like this, use what you find you do better with and what you feel comfy with. It’s really THAT simple.