pad warriors

Read: “except on certain pads”

And walking 720 is a programming error as, like I said, the game was designed with sticks, so they did not take into consideration the ability to do a walking 720 with a pad, or I suppose did not care enough to take it out. I’ll concede that it is an advantage with the very few characters that have worthwhile 720 ultras, but it’s not game breaking.

EDIT: Retract this, research proved us both wrong. Walking 720 is executable on stick.

it’s not even a walking 720, and of course it can be done on a stick too.

I believe I said in my first post: “but depends on pad and button config”. However, with or without 6 face buttons, pianoing is very much possible, even if the motion might not resemble that on a stick, but that’s a moot point really.

I could go on and say how it’s all preference, but it’s all been said plenty of times. I found a few inputs in this thread to be pretty good reads on the subject.

What can you do on the pad but not on the stick?
Develop arthritis playing a charge character…?

He’s right, you can do walking 720s which I forgot about, although that was unintentionally put into the game I would assume given it was developed on sticks and therefore likely overlooked (not to mention most if not all testers couldn’t do it if they wanted to to confirm it was possible).

EDIT: Again, I was wrong.

I use xbox 360 controller. I know people consider this pad. I wouldn’t mind getting a fightpad from madkatz or a stick though. I do pretty well in battle but doing trials I have utmost problems doing the heavier ones. I also have problems doing FADC, but thats not the biggest worry for me.

you mean this walking 720 that the guy does on stick?

Just cause vangief is probably the first time some people have seen it doesn’t mean it’s a pad only execution.

I stand corrected.


2:44 you can see Vangief perform it after whiffing a normal, although he does do it on pad this is just a higher quality example of a walking 720 for those wondering.

Essentially you buffer a 360 by whiffing a normal while walking forward (start the 360 on forward and end on forward), then proceed to walk around and when you’re ready to execute just do a standing 360 input and 720 comes out.


I’ve always played an ass load of grapple characters and maybe 720s are “easier” on a pad but I prefer my thumb intact thanks. Also my stick is disgusting again and I just cleaned it, I need less gross hands.

pad warrior til the end but I’m learning the stick for other purposes too.

To be brutally honest, the main reason I switched from pad (DualShock 3) to my MadCatz TE stick is that when you hold a ps3 controller, the average person holds it so that your index fingers reach the shoulder buttons, but your middle fingers are behind the controller for support.

What was happening was that I would grip my controller so tightly that I was getting calluses on my middle fingers where the controller would press against when I would play street fighter.

It wasn’t so bad at first; in fact, it made playing it on a pad much easier, but then the calluses got bigger and I decided it’d be best to get rid of them, and why not improve my execution in the process?

So I switched to stick and have never looked back.

It really depends on the game and the character for me. SSFIV, Third Strike, and TvC I find myself using a MadCatz pad more often than the stick, Gamecube controller in the case of TvC. Virtua Fighter 5, Tekken 6, and BBCS I prefer a stick.

You play tekken on a stick and street fighter on a pad?

You live in opposite world.

Stick all the way man.
At the end of the day, whatever feels more comfortable.
Consider these points:

  • Top 8 fighters in the world use stick
  • Game was designed for stick
  • you can cover double or more, the amount of buttons laying them comfortable on madcatz or custom or hori but with a pad, your using one or two fingers to reach for these buttons - its not as precise.
  • Personally, pad was my thing but not anymore, I play so much better on a stick in SF or tekken
  • Quicker reaction everytime…

Each to there own!

which chars iyo are pad friendly for ssf4? zangief obviously, abel?

Madcatz fightpads are garbage, if you’re buying a controller for the pad get one of these… Xbox 360 Pad EX 2 with Turbo - Black: Video Games

Not good for FPS games mind you but straight for everything else…works well for what it is… dropped this one in favor of a TE but still works very well…

Keyboard warrior here. I think the kb is the best way to play. I wish madcatz would make a quality fight keyboard.

I’m like this.

While I can play both games fine on both pad and stick I find some things in Tekken really hard to do with a pad like EWGF and a lot of moves with Bryan.

I can do pretty much everything I can do on a stick on a pad in SSF4 including vipers fierce feint fierce combos. SSF4 is pretty lenient though even with the more advanced stuff.

If I play ST with a pad, I do tend to mess up reversals because I can’t piano the buttons but that’s about it.

You should make one of those all-buttons-no-stick sticks. Should be simple.