pad warriors

circular motions are easier on pad
charge motions are easier of stick

Grabs and Focus attacks are easier on pad

Kara throws atm are easier on pad

EX and Ultras are easier on pad, HOWEVER teleports, ex dp and ultras dont get mixed up on stick via seth.

SPDs are easier on stick

Lightning/Legs/Hands are easier on stick.


currently using pad can’t afford a stick at the moment

This, and also I’m getting used to my saturn controller lol

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i had a madcatz pad and i am pretty good with it especially with zangief.
i just got an SE stick and im having a lot of trouble doing QCF facing the right side of the screen and shoryukens and whatnot. i think its the square gate. i found a full sanwa upgrade kit with buttons, a new ball and octo gate and everything on ebay for like 50 bux shipped with an octo gate instead of the square gate. im new to sticks so i dont know what an octo gate is like. if i get the kit im considering getting it with an octo and a bat top just to be able to switch it up whenever i want.
what do u guys think?

Well,im sorry. But i see shizza (my inspiration to use a pad), vangief and inthul playing with pads. Everything is dedication. Daigo is the best because hes the best. Either on pad or stick. Period.
This kind of discussion is futile, because its about preferences. I used an seimitsu stick, and switched back to pad. Madcatz fightpad, and closed all trials. Im still a medium player, but i see a lot of stick players getting kicked by me. Everything is patience and dedication.
Some of people here needs to learn how to argue about something.
Thanks everyone, and sorry for my bad english, its my second language.

what happened to the mods?

You have relatively good English, it’s very clear.

I actually got to 45k GP in SF4, and then B+ is SSF4 using Claw with just the xbox controller on default settings. Halfway through I acquired a Madcatz SE stick and modded it with all Sanwa parts. It was ok, but for some reason I wasn’t having much fun trying to learn and use it. I got back to about 80% of my ability with it but it took a while and there was one more problem: it was kind of loud. I live with roommates but love to stay up until dawn playing, so I always use controllers at night because I feel more comfortable that it’s not disturbing anyone. I went back to the xbox controller, confident in my ability to do damn well with its left joystick and button layout, and I did.

The main problem to consider now was one of compatibility. What if I wanted to go to a tournament that was run on a ps3? I’d HAVE to learn the stick, the ps3 controller, or an actual fightpad. I had not tried the fightpad up to this point because it only had two triggers, while I was used to and depended on all four. I was also concerned about switching to a d-pad, which I had a terrible time with on the xbox. I bought one anyway, but to my suprise, I was fighting at about 95% of my previous ability in 3 days of normal play. THe d-pad on the fightpad is very smooth, and it feels almost like a control stick in itself! The big change was putting PPP and KKK on the 5th and 6th face buttons, because the triggers had to be HP and HK for kara-moves I commonly use. It’s also opened up command characters for me, which I had a little more trouble learning to use with the xbox controller. I was also surprised that Ken’s kara throw (>mk) was now completely doable with a single right-thumb press on three buttons.

I shall walk the path of the pad warrior, but with SSF4 arcade around the corner, I’ll probably end up dusting off the stick again eventually. I have to agree that the stick is probably the most versatile thing to play on, but my brain has been hard-wired for fighting on pads ever since the SNES.

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practice > controller

lol yeah Sanwa buttons are loud as hell in an SE. If you want quiet buttons you should give Seimitsus a try. I swapped out my Sanwas for Seimitsu PS-14-GNC screw-in buttons. Quiet as hell and I can play at night without bothering any sleeping people lol

As an ex pad player, when playing in person it’s really great to just pick up the stick from someone else rather than having to connect my pad, change the control scheme and having to reconnect the stick when i lose :expressionless:

I can lightdash, wdewgf and pogo s-step really well on pad for T6, I have a unique method for it.

I play ssf4 on stick because I think shoulder buttons suck.

Just switched to stick after bar battles yesterday. Going to take time to get used to it but im already adjusting nicely. Main reasons I switched was because the madcatz fightpads are just not durable at all and that when I use a pad my hands seem to cramp up from holding it in intense matches.

i use the sf 6 button layout pads and there isn’t anything that is limiting me except for double tap, so for chun i have to buffer legs with another button but other than that i have not problem doing anything. Honestly i tried a stick and i dont see how you guys reliably fadc without the pad, it is beyond me. dashing in general seems less difficult on the pad but i never spent my early days in the arcade either. my only real issue is my gorrilla hands

In 16 years of playing fighting games, I don’t recall a single thing that I can do on stick that I can’t do on pad, and likewise, i don’t recall a single thing I can do on pad that I can’t on stick.

The way you play your game doesn’t make you a good player, sadly enough. If you suck, you suck whether you’re on a pad, a stick, or a keyboard with macros. It doesn’t matter. Can’t blah blah on blah blah just means YOU can’t do it. I can kara demon on pad in 3S. I can also RC everything except thousand legs / electric / etc in CvS2 on pad (but that’s not saying much, as I can’t do that on stick either).

It comes down to what you’re comfortable playing on. Fanatiq wrecks house in MvC2 on pad. That dude won HDR this year with Gief on pad, no?

It happens.

plinking links, arugument over.

it’s personal preference of course…Joystick FTW!

The madcatz pad is pretty damn good. I can piano on it. Jab xxx electricity and jab xxx hhs is very doable on it. But the stick is too good for pianoing.

Jab xxx hhs/electricity sucess on the pad is 70-80%. on stick 95% easily.

I still prefer pad, but the stick is pretty damn good.

not mention that plinking is very much doable even on the xbox360 pad. ARGUEMENT STILL GOES ON!!! lol

You can plink on a madcatz pad, you just have to play like Tekken players on pad, that’s all.