Pad yun

Anyone Sucessful online ranking with pad yun. Often my combos drop or sometimes I can’t do the most damaging because of pad

You can probably play Yun with just one hand like Xian.

Uhhh one hand?

There’s no excuse for a lack of execution on the pad (unless it’s something stupid like Ken’s Kara Grab for the standard controls). I can execute just about everything Yun does on pad: BnBs, Punish Combos, Resets, Genei Jin, etc. Just keep practicing. Or, I recommend you play a execution heavy character for a while. That significantly improves your execution. Though, stuff like Akuma’s EX DP is stupid on pad because you have to input 2 punches at the exact time. 3 punches always results in teleport. I’ve just gotten the feel of that, though it’s taken a while and I’m still not entirely accurate with things like that.

Ken’s kara throw on PS3 pad is easy. Maybe you mean something like piano/slide to do Chun’s lightning legs, or holding buttons for Cody’s bingo or Juri’s fireball store.

I haven’t had much experience with Chun / Cody / Juri on pad. I tried Viper on pad and she was apparently alright. Ken’s Kara throw is just…inaccurate on pad with the standard controls. You have to somehow hit forward + O and then square + X fast enough. Some people suggested that a piano motion would me. Myself personally, am not getting any accurate results of it at all. Ken’s Kara Grab, Yun’s EX Command Grab, and Sagat’s Kara Fireball really do seem like the only execution problems I’m facing at the moment.

Didn’t wanna quote all this crap but IMO yun requires plinking and that’s not consistent on pad to be above average.

Yun does not have any 1 frame link to be plink as MingoDynasty told me before. All 2 frames at max, and if you’re good you dont need to plink anyway. Still, if you cant plink, why not.

Plinking will always help, maybe get a pad with 6 face buttons and play it as if it’s a stick? That’s what a lot of tekken pad players do, cept they only need 4 buttons.

I started SF recently and I play on pad with Yun like you. Everyone can do all of Yun’s moves on pad consistantly you just need to practice until it you don’t have to think about timing anymore. If you switch your left or right trigger buttons (those you feel most comfortable using) to lk and lp you can plink and kara throw. If you have problems with your EX moves because you use the default :3p: and :3k: triggers you could keep your index and middle fingers on your right triggers and press one trigger with a button to execute an EX move, I prefer doing it this way and it might help you.

You mean to tell me Woflkrone/Vangief/etc. can’t plink their links? Even I can plink on a pad. It’s not that hard once you get used to it. Not that Yun has useful 1f links that need plinking anyways.

Uhmm 3x c.strong, st.strong xx upkicks. Is a huge needed punish tool

A bunch of 2f links.

Mingo. Good job being unhelpful since your first post in this thread

Good job thinking that that combo has any 1f links in it. Seriously, if there are tons of top pad players playing heavy execution characters like CViper and Gief, then you should not have a problem playing as Yun. It just comes down to training and practice.

Just gotta step your game up man. You can’t blame pad for this, it’s not like you’re pianoing.

One fact is nobody came into this thread and said that they were doing well as a pad yun

SRK people are too modest that’s why

Maybe ;(