I’ve gone through several of the Madkatz 6-button pads. the wiring seems to be pretty bad as after a fair amount of use the controller starts to short, or the d-pad fails to register corners/holds down down U/L/R/D. Is there a good 6-button alternative?

I don’t play stick because it doesn’t feel comfortable. 4-button pads feel gross having HP/HK mapped to triggers.

haha I broke my second madcatz pad too, in my case is the rubber from the dpad the one that gets broken, now I’m using my brawlstick

The only thing they make worthwhile is the arcade sticks. Everything else they produce is still retro madcatz quality, which is nothing to brag about.

If they’re 360 madcatz fightpads you can probably sell em to modders for some money to buy USB Sega Saturn Pad (watch out for chinese knock offs). I never used it myself, but I always hear good things about em. They are rare though.

Other 6 button pads would be the NeoGeo USB Pad, Hori Commander, or the PDP versus.

I’ve only had experience with the marvel PDP pad, which is just the Versus. I liked it until one of the buttons started acting funny. After that I moved onto arcade sticks.

PDP and Madcatz pads are an improvement over the standard controllers for Xbox360 and PS3, but they’re still booty. Pads generally have a pretty short shelf life, especially if you use them to play fighting games.

No pad is near the standard of quality and workability of arcade sticks.

I bought a stick many years ago, but I didn’t use it because it was uncomfortable. The mistake I made, was not doing research or asking for advice on my situation before purchasing. I bought a Hori EXII for the 360(junk) because that’s what they had at gamestop and I was under the impression that all sticks were created equal. The reasons I didn’t like using it were, the bottom was metal, so it was uncomfortable to me on my lap in a lot of cases, and it moved a lot in my lap. Both of those things are fixable issues, but instead, I stopped using it, and I stopped playing fighters for the 360 all together because the gamepads were awful.

So basically, you might look into getting a stick and see if there is one that works for you. There will be a learning curve to a stick though, but it will pay off in the long run.

I’ve been toying around with sticks of varying quality since the 90’s. Truth be told, it’s just not for me. My biggest issue is ALWAYS the stick. It’s impossible for me to properly input grounded commands with either a square gate, or an octogate. DPM, QCF/HCF, I always accidentally input a jump. This has been an ongoing issue for roughly 15 years which is why I prefer D-pads. It just feels easier overall to control my movement on any game I play.

Just because this is a recent SRK account doesn’t mean I’m newblood. :V

Fair enough. I actually ended up settling on a hitbox over a stick. I started out on a keyboard, and once I realized I preferred it over all else, I moved on to the hitbox.

You might also consider these if you can find one:

It uses microswitches instead of a membrane for the dpad, and it’s supposedly more reliable than the PDP Versus. You might be able to find a Neogeo CD controller at a local game store, so you can see what it feels like, but those only have 4 buttons.

Oh yes I have a pdp versus too, and is there collecting dust, I’m just getting comfortable with the brawlstick

My fighting stock broke the other day and makes my Ps3 crash if I try to plug it in. Does anyone know of a good brand of fighting sticks to replace it?

whoa whoa…sega satrun pads? Snes pad? classic controller? ps1/psx pads?

I should’ve fixed my post. Modern, commonly available, pads are booty. Yes, you can pull up some of the older pads that were better built to handle abuse (SNES and Saturn ones come in mind immediately), but that’s not really a practical solution for your average player who has little-to-no interest in modded pads, converters, and started playing on current-gen systems.

where can i get modded pads?

Hi friend, I bought a madcatz Brawlstick for like 40dlls on amazon, and when the buttons started to fail (they will fail) I changed them to sanwa buttons, also changed the stick too

any info on custom fightpads? :3

sticks are too unweildly for me.

@D3V I think we need a pad faq.

Madcatz fightpads are dog shit. The triggers are stiff and the D-pad is awful. The buttons are responsive and have good spacing though. Most dudes buy these to pad-hack.

Good fight pads to check out:

Hori Fighting Commander (non-pro). Very responsive and great D-pad plus 6 buttons on the face if you need that. They’re out of print so good luck on Ebay.

Hori just released a new gem pad with a similar D-pad. I should be getting it today and will report back on how good/bad it is.

I recall someone offered to write one.

I don’t have that much experience with pads since I’ve only ever used 1 FightPad (that I rarely ever use for fear of breaking it).

So anyone know the mechanics behind making your own pad? I want to take a classic satpad and mod it to be either microswitches or mechanical switches instead of membrane, and be universal.