PadBox - illuminated, wireless for all consoles



so I’ve finally built up my pad box. This work summarizes wireless UPCB in addition with piggyback Dreamcast and Xbox360 padhack.

Scetch was this:

Arcade Stick -> radio sender -> AIR -> Pad box [ radio receiver - UPCB - piggyback Dreamcast and xbox360] -> all consoles

Cammy in new colors.

Plexi case with connectors for VMU and consoles

UPCB, RF Module, Dreamcast and Xbox360 padhack on plexi with illumination.

Here’s again the UPCB and RF Module.

Dreamcast Padhack

Dreamcast Padhack on Plexi with graved logo and RGB SMD Led under tape.

xbox360 padhack on plexi…

… and with graved logo …

… and with illumination when connected to xbox360 console.

But that’s not the end of the light show. When pressing “Start” on Arcade Stick Plexi will be light up in blue. Dreamcast default light is dreamcast europe blue and pressing “Start” will result in green.

Pressing A light ups PadPlexi in red.

Default color for xbox360 is green, for Dreamcast of course blue. Pics in higher resolution can be found here



Well, it’s huge. But it does something too. So good job, dude!


Thanks :slight_smile: approx, 4.5 inch x 6.5 inch. Size is limited by the pads, however, but not really important for me.


Wow, that is so cool. All the lights, plexi work and especially the engraving. That is some skill.