Padhack a 360 controller that I can use on steam/pc

So I want to padhack a 360 controller that I can play on 360, pc, steam…I won’t be using it on xbox one. All of the info I can find is so old (which is understandable) so it hard to determine the best 360 controller to buy. If I buy one the older madcatz contollers on ebay, will they work on windows 10 and steam? If I buy a newer controller that specifically says it works on pc and xbox 360, will it be common ground? I need a wired controller btw, no wireless


Xbox controllers are very friendly with Steam and windows in general. You shouldn’t have issues using one if you just plug it in. I’m not sure why you think you’d need to pad hack for that.

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Are you trying to mod an arcade stick for PC use?

Hey, I am building an arcade cabinet, like the ones popular in the 90s. I have games on my 360 hard drive that are not available for purchase anymore and I dont want to use emulators since I am OCD, and emulator ROMs are technically illegal. I also want to play pc games and steam in the cabinet. Therefore, I need to build a control panel that can work on both steam/pc and xbox 360. I need to padhack a 360 controller and use the control board in the 360 controller to operate the buttons on the arcade control panel

I am building an arcade cabinet that uses both an xbox 360 and a pc in it . When playing on the xbox, I will use a capture card to stream it to my monitor

  1. Honestly unless you are a good at soldering, you should use a PCB that already supports Xbox 360 and not hack up a pad, like the PS360+ or one of the Brooks boards that support Xbox 360 such as the Brooks Universal Fight Board. Oh and in general all Xbox 360 controllers works on Windows supporting Dinput and Xinput API. And like Martian said, Xbox controllers are very friendly with Stream. Both boards I mention are common ground, and easy to wire up.

  2. It be nice to get all these details of your project before hand.

Buying one of the older Mad Catz xbox 360 controllers now at a decent price is kind of a crap shoot.
Also all Mad Catz controllers/PCBs have questionable reliability, and Mad Catz as a company is gone.
The Company who call themselves Mad Catz now are Mad Catz in name only and they just bought the rights to the name. You don’t want the PDP Fight pads ether, as they are a pain to pad hack.
Maybe if you can find and locate a Hori 360 pad offered at a good price.

Thanks. Thats a huge help. I was contemplating getting a couple of mayflash f300s and putting them in the control board also? They seem to be cheaper than the hori’s. Do you think that would be a good idea?