Padhack to keyboard/mouse, doable?

I’m no pro when it comes to wiring etc. so I thought I’d run this by those more knowledgeable to find out if its doable.

Theres a bunch of FPS on the 360 which I’d love to try but my thumbs completely spaz out when it comes to aiming using the right stick and I wish I could just use a keyboard/mouse.

I looked at some of the converters out there but the prices are outrageous!

What I wanted to know is, would it be possible to padhack a 360 pad and wire it up to a keyboard and mouse:
[]Map the right stick to a mouse
]Map left stick to WASD
[*]Map the rest of the buttons to keys and/or mouse buttons

Doable or not worth the effort?

You can get the Max Shooter (XFPS clone) for around $60 on eBay. Otherwise you’ve seriously got your work cut out for you. I don’t imagine this being some easy DIY even if it is possible.