Padhacked PS1 dual shock pcb problem - Joystick not quite functioning


Hey guys, i am looking for an inquiry to this problem i seem to be having. basically, i had a friend padhack this pad for me, and i made the wire harness and etc for the buttons.
The buttons worked fine, so then i decided to tackle the stick. I have it wired up correctly by following this wiring diagram i found online, but for some reason i cannot seem to get the stick to work. It is on the same daisy chain as the buttons, so when i hook up the ground, only the right micro switch registers. Nothing else on the stick itself works, but buttons are still perfect.

Now i go and take the ground from the joystick and place it directly to the up portion on the pcb itself, and it works, just keeps going up very fast.

So does anyone have an idea on what the problem might be?
Thanks in advance.


what joystick are you using, does it use a wiring harness or you made your own?
Did you use a diagram similar to this oneā€¦