Padhacking a new model DS3

So yeah, I didnt do my research and found out too late an older pad would be easier to solder with so im stuck working on a fresh ds3. The board says MSU_VX4_0.0 and looks like this

Off of the same site the dude posting the pics said it should wire up just like the VX3 here

I just wanted to find if i could get a bit of verification before i wire up stuff to the wrong places and fry it to hell. Also i had a question about the commons. Certain grouns on the board were designed to ground certain wires or something like that? I wanted to know if i could follow this guys wiring setup (besides the pad’s pins being different)

Thaaanks! in the meantime im just going to wire up the buttons and the stick before i do the pad.

Yes, only like colors can share like Common.

dang man that was a fast response. Awesome! now i can hopefully finish today. thanks again!

hey man, in the example drawing there is four commons, and looking at the board pinout there seems to be 3, so does that mean common 8 and 14 on the drawing can be merged onto one common?

No. You counted wrong. There are 4. 8 and 14 are common and are for PS button. Red Common is for left side of controller, Cyan is for Select and Start and Orange is for the right hand side.

That is 4 separate commons. Do not merge any of them.

alright so in this pic

It labels com1, com2, and com 3. Are the “V” labeled pins also coms or something?

That is where the Resistor goes.

my word art graphic isnt working out ill take a pic. lol.