Padhacking the PS2 Dual Shock H

Well I’m on a bit of a tight budget for getting my stick working on the Wii so the most accepted “Use another pad” suggestion I’ve found from searching is less than ideal.

I’ve found a diagram for hacking this pad ( but am a little confused since there are no written instructions to go with it.

Could someone please give me a few pointers as to what needs to be done since right now all I can think of is atatching a wire to each pin and 19 to the common and I’m not that sure that it’s the right way to do it.

Thanks for any help.

The #9 pin is the common for all the directionals, all the face buttons and the triggers. The #10 common is used for start, select and analog.

Basically you can attach a wire to each pin and just wire it up to your buttons accordingly. You can daisy chain all your buttons and directionals to the #9 common and you can daisy chain the start + select buttons to the #10 common. You can use some 24 or 26 guage solid wire and kinda plug it between the plastic and the connector. Or if you’re good enough with a soldering iron you can solder the wires to the exposed contacts in the back part of the connector.

Thanks for the help!
Looking forward to getting this working for TvC.:party: