pads vs sticks

Just wanna get a general idea from the community. How many of you guys are using sticks or pads?

puttin it out there since I started on a pad. Switched to stick, practicing throw combos when i decided to mess with goukens kara throw.

On the pad, I would just mash trigger and throw.
On the stick, Im rotate my hand with my ring finger curled in, hitting hk along to the hittin throw, and I find im getting it like almost every time.

I saw that most users decided that goukens kara throw was negligible, but I also saw that some of our best users are on a pad. I thought maybe there are some options left unexplored because execution issues when on pad. Your thoughts?

It really is all about which gives you better execution. The main issue I have with pads is the button layout ( this is excluding the madcatz pad, which has the same layout as a stick ). In my personal opinion, sticks are superior to pads. But then you have people like Wolf who play C.Viper on pad, and do shit I can’t manage on my stick…

On the real though, like people say here time and time again… Go with what makes you feel comfortable.

This will probably come up… A LOT, but it’s basically which one is most comfortable… Time and time again, people like Vangief, and WolfKrone show us that anything you can do on stick, you can do just as well on a stick… Sometimes, you can even do more…

(I don’t think you can walk 720 on a stick, but I’m not sure)

I play on a stick, but I need a renew, because mine is getting very beat up from all the 360s and 720s

I use a fightpad. I modded a SE stick with all sanwa parts and I just can’t use a stick right unless I am standing (like at a cabinet).

I use a fightpad. It’s what I’m most comfortable with. Use what works for you.

I used Pad, have huge problem playing Guile where holding down back is making my thumb sore. So I switched to sticks.

That was half kidding. I like using sticks cause I like making custom joystick, been doing it for ages. Plus I started out playing SF (yes. Just Street Fighter. No number behind it) in the Arcade when I was a little kid back in Hong Kong.

same here. i have a stick that ended up as decoration on top of the tv


ps2 pad .hate the floppy triggers on ps3

weird thing is that were getting a lot more stick players on the poll but more pads in response…
Stick players please just leave a quick post!

i have a TE fightstick that now sits under my coffee table, as it turns out I have no ability whatsoever to do a consistent dragon punch motion on a stick. Muscle memory all wrong… Tried to adapt for several weeks, finally gave up and spent some time improving pad execution in the training room; never looked back, and cracked the 10,000BP barrier with Gouken last week…

Both. I’m fine with either, Gouken isn’t execution heavy. But I first started playing him on a pad so I’ll go pad in the poll.

I started of the 360 controller using the analog, but i switched to fightstick because for some reason it came naturally to me as soon as i started using it and now pads just feel mad uncomfortable.

Ive been a pad player for except for arcades. Got a a Mad Catz Rnd 2 TE stick for xmas. I dual modded it, changed the ball top to a bat top. Ive been practicing off and on since and I still cant play nearly as good on stick as I do on pad. Stick takes alot of time and patience, two things I dont know to commit to. I vote Pad.

I’m on stick. I stared out on ps controller way back in the days of Alpha3 and even back then I couldn’t hold a charge to save my life. After getting vanilla I invested in my first stick and haven’t looked back. I now play on a mad catz TE stick and love it to death. I also have a sanwa modded SE stick for 360 cuz I refuse to use that irregular controller for fighters lol

There is just no way not to be able to do a DP on a square gated stick in SF4. You literally just go from DF to D to DF and hit a button, or in Goukens case, DB, D, DB. I’m almost certain in xSF4 you can even do DB D DF D DB and hit punch or kick for the srk.

I use a stick because it was I have always used since growing up in an arcade.

In the arcade it was a circular happ stick.

On xbox I made my own stick from a happ 360.

On xbox 360 I switched to a jap stick and put in an octagonal gate. After a month I switched out the octagonal gate and went ot the square gate. Definitely a learning curved as I could always “lean into” my motions on a circular gate and on a square gate it just got caught in the corners.

Prefer square gate now. Might switch to a bat top though just to see.

Figured I’d link to the post here, I just got it today. Weird going back to 8 button, I’d been playing 6 button for the past few months.

OMG that’s yours?

So jelly.

How much was it?

That stick is dope as fuck, thanks for sharing.

I had always played SF on a pad, as the first SF game I played was on the SNES. Used the 360 controller for the majority of vanilla and never really had a problem with it, could pull off all of Gouken’s moves all the time.

Bought the TE stick a month or so before Super however, mainly just because I wanted to be able to use one. I was terrible at first but now that I am used to it I am definitely better than when I was using a pad. Although I could do the moves on the pad anyway the stick enables me to do them quicker, and therefore be able to do longer more complex combos.

It sounds simple but one of the things it really helped with is dashing, this was annoyingly difficult for me using the toggle stick on the 360 pad and meant that I basically couldn’t FADC any moves. With the stick it’s a lot easier.