Paewang or Cthulu Dual Mod

Looking to make a new stick that has dual mod capability. I plan to salvage the parts from my old stick, hence why I have a predicament. This question would be a no brainer if it weren’t for the fact that I already have a Cthulu PCB in the stick I’m currently using. I looked a couple of tuts on how to dual mod, and honestly the only advantage would be that I would be able to use it for absolutely every system (irrelevant because the only game I play on another system besides ps360 is Guilty Gear, which lost it’s touch after Blazblue dropped).
Is there any other point that I’m missing as to why I should just dual-mod instead of buying a Paewang?

Buy a Peawang, sell the cthulhu. Life is easier.

Sounds like a plan. I’ve also looked through some other threads and I’m interested in doing the RJ-45 mod to the new stick because it gives it a much cleaner look rather than having a cable jotting out of it. Is it still possible ( or even practical) to do that with the Paewang?

No. Using an RJ-45 jack for Multi-console on Paewang is not possible. You can cut a USB connector and terminate it through a Neutrik RJ-45, but the extra work is pointless in your case.

You are better off just buying a Neutrik USB connector.

USB becomes unstable after 15 ft of cable length, so you should cut the cable and resplice it inside the stick so it is less than a foot long on the inside.

Oh, okay. I’ll do that then, I’ll still get the look I wanted and it doesn’t look terribly difficult. Thanks a bunch :smiley: