Paewang PCB thinks button is always being hit

Hey guys,

I have a paewang implanted in a brawlstick hitbox I made. Recently the Y button has been constantly on.
It doesn’t register in input display unless I hit turbo, then the game thinks its being held while it isn’t being touched.

Any ideas on what the problem is or fixes?

Sounds like the y button is constantly grounded. Check for any solder bridges. I’m not an expert at these things, but just a suggestion.

Solder bridge makes sense, but not sure how you could have managed to bridge Y to ground on a Paewang board, rather than one of the L buttons. A picture of your wiring would help if poss.

Edit: it makes more sense that the connection at the button has shorted rather than at the pcb. Have you tried testing a different button for the y input? Also, if you’re using 30mm buttons, if you don’t make the holes wide enough the fit can be too snug, which can cause problems with the buttons sticking (probably not this, but thought I’d mention it).

so thanks for the replies…i may just have to rewire

The pcb is firing the y button even with the button disconnected. I’ve plugged the hole and replaced the wires with the lb button…still firing y. Does that mean anything different?