Paewang PCB


Anyone got one for sale?



Looking for something a bit faster than Etokki. Im being impatient.


the shipping from etokki was really fast, but you are right, when it showed up, i didnt remember i ordered it… ended up selling it here for 20 bucks off.

oohh maybe some enterprising US based individual might have purchased a few of the Revolution sticks and then is selling them on ebay? i dunno, just wishing and dreaming…

Oh, seems a seller in the UK has one…


Did you mess up?


lol no, i didnt try in fear of messing up.

I R Weak


I got one hit me up. It is soldered with qd’s ready to ship


If you need it quickly, couldn’t you just order a Datel Arcade Pro from Amazon?


I thought the Datel Arcade Pro was for PS3/PS2 & PC?


Nevermind, You’re correct! Is that thing as reliable as the paewang?


It’s the same thing just diffrent art and distributor

#12 Xbox 360/PS3/PC Arcade Pro: Video Games

That should do the trick


Is that the same PCB?


It is the same PCB.


Man, if I had known I woulda used my prime account. Ah well. Laugh ships fast.


Not to mention that it’s also better for Laugh to have your money in a community sense (instead of a faceless corporation) :bgrin: