This is my second time modding a stick and my first time using the Paewang, and, I’m having issues with it.I soldered all of my connections and plugged it into my PC to test. My PC recognizes my stick perfectly. But when I plug it into my PS3 nothing happens even when I press turbo prior to plugging it in. BUT when I press Back and plug it in my stick works for a few seconds and my PS3 comes up with the prompt to turn my system off. Any ideas? (its also an 360 TE. Thanks in advance!)


Did you dual mod a 360 TE with a paewang?
You should have just replaced the whole TE pcb with the paewang.


I still need the turbo/home panel correct? when I connect it to my pc in PS3 mode it reads as if the Home button is held down :confused:


You didnt answer the question. Did you mod it with the 360 TE?
You are being too vague.
If you’re using the Turbo pcb make sure it’s powered


fixed it thanks for all the help!


thread of the year.


Now thats service.