Paewang Revolution Modding. Need Help


I’m thinking about getting a paewang revolution to mod, and I want to know if its possible to replace the USB cable with a breakaway cable.

More importantly, if I can replace the cable; will it still allow me to switch between PC and ps3 as well.

  1. Breakaway cable = USB cable with a breakaway. So therefore, yes. It’s still just a cable.

  2. You don’t need to “switch” between PS3 and PC. PS3 controllers are open-driver HID devices which work perfectly on PC. You only need to switch between PS3/PC and X360 modes.

  3. Providing you replaced the cable correctly, there is no reason that any functionality of the board itself would be compromised.


Awesome sauce thanks a ton. Do you recommend any breakaway cables that come with a both the cable and the part it plugs into. All I can find is Xbox 360 ones with only the cable. :confused:

And any good tutorials as well?

I just want to make sure I do things right.


You won’t really find actual breakaway cables like the X360 cables; only official controllers used on Microsoft systems included them.
Your best bet is actually to mount a Neutrik NAUSB port on your casing, and simply use a standard USB A-B cable of the length of your choice.

If you REALLY want to go the breakaway cable route, you’ll have to come up with a way to make your own.
Or find someone who can sell you just a cable from a cannibalized X360 controller/stick. (Hint: I have several extras from stick-mods; PM me if interested).

There are plenty of tutorials for this kind of stuff. I don’t have links handy, but there’s a thread here in Tech Talk with links to a gazillion tutorials for various things; there’s many that’ll fit your needs. Or just search on Google or YouTube.


I’ve tried searching for tutorials but I really can’t find any. I’ll look on the thread to see if I can find a tutorial.


I really do appreciate the help. I’ve been looking for answers so I can do this. Thanks for the help. :3


What tutorial are you looking for?
If it’s just to replace the USB cable, why would you need a tutorial anyways? You’re removing one already, just reverse the steps.

One quick google search for “Fightstick cable replacement” gave me this as a second result.


There’s a YouTube for a parang pcb mod. I followed that with no issues.

Just curious, why paewang? Is it co it’s cheaper than PS360+?

It might be $20 more, but it’ll save you in the long run when the PS4 update and crossbones for nextgen consoles!


Pretty much everything @FreedomGundam covered is all there really to know.

By the way are you modding the whole PAEWANG REVOLUTION arcade stick or you just happen to have the Paewang PCB (printed circuit board) from a Paewang Revolution?

P.S. Nice Egoraptor avatar Frido19.


i want to mod the whole stick. with a new paint job, and add a breakaway cable. i was looking at the neutrik port and a-b cables for it to use as the cable. i didn’t know there was a pcb that would work for ps3/pc, ps4, 360, and xbox 1. i have an old datel pro fight stick that doesn’t work, so i can probably just buy the ps360 pcb, and then use the nuetrik port and cables to make a cable for it. idk why the old stick doesn’t work though.


thanks for all the help. it was very very helpful.
i’ve decided to just fix up my old stick by using the neutrik nausb port and cables, and just buying the ps360 pcb. which seems better in the long run. maybe down the line i can find out whats wrong with this pcb i have and make another fight stick.


I never had issue with my parang pcb, so it could be something else…
You can always resell that pcb and use that $ towards upgrading your stick!


You’re right!!! O.O


The pcb isn’t as great as what I read about the ps360, but it is still a good one to use if you play ps3 and 360.


Personally I would go with the ps360 just for the off chance you want to add more consoles in the future it will be easier and cheaper.

(and the difference is only about $20 not bad to keep your options open and to futureproof.)

not to mention that IIRC paewang stopped selling the pcb on it’s own, you have to buy the entire stick to cannibalize now rather than just the PCB. So it might end up costing the same as the ps360 anyway, and a lot more work to install

(IIRC ps360 uses screw terminals so no soldering needed, easy install, and also IIRC the joints on the paewang are really close togeather too, so a pain in the ass to solder)

Again, it’s your choice, I’m just stating my preference and making sure your decision is informed. I try to be unbiased but I honestly see no real benefit to buying the paewang over the ps360 anymore. It’s simply outdated and obsolete.


The Joytron Paewang Reolution is $54.95
PS360+ Multi-console PCB by Akishop is $59.95

Joytron never sold the PCB by it self, it was Laugh of Etokki removing all the PCBs by hand and not charging extra for the labor.

Further more there no such thing as futureproof, The PS360+ only adds XB1 support via dual mod, preferably via Phremod’s Crossbone adapter.
There is talk of PS4 support but as the software is still in beta, the outcome is at best tentative.


Darksakul has a great point!

But we at least know for a fact that the XB1 mod is easily done and it works.
If the PS4 update is a fail, I’m sure Clay or Gummo or someone will make a PS4 mod for us!


What do you mean there’s no such thing as future proofing? Obviously nothing’s fully tested as the consoles are relatively new. but the idea is that the ps360+ supports firmware updates, and when they are developed completed and relatively bug free. You said yourself there’s already a beta version for the ps4 software I’m confident that will come out. I’m sure eventually, just as how the 360’s security was broken, the xbox one will be eventually too.

Compared to the paewang which basically has no chance of supporting the ps4 or xboxone without some major hackage

Evenstill, when talking about stickmodding, futureproofing is always an implied “best chance of futureproofing”

Actually, not just stick modding, that’s the case with anything, nothing can be 100% futureproof. ever.


That what I mean.

You can’t future proof without knowing whats ahead. We got lucky last gen with the PS3 and Xbox 360.
PS3 used generic HID class PNP drivers for wired controllers and the Xbox 360 security has been lax in a few places, too many counterfit and greymarket XB 360 securtiy lock outchips was found on the Asian Grey markets.
All we got right now is we got lucky with some difficult pad hacks for the XB1 and maybe someone decoded the PS4 security measures but that has not be proven, and if they did the results can be tentative.

And all it takes to disable all our work is for MS or Sony to decide to do a firmware update than blocks any unauthorized 3rd party boards/hacks.