Paewang revolution vs se sf4 fightstick


hello i have be searching and trolling for a couple of days now but i just wanted to get peoples opinions, I am not new to fighting games but i am new to arcade sticks. I was wondering which was the better option whether the paewang revolution or the se sf4 fightstick. The reason why i would want the paewang is because its multi platform and i have both 360 and ps3 and i have friends with both platforms which i constantly game with. So does anyone know if the revolution is of decent quality? obviously i know neither of them it top knotch i know but it is my first arcade stick. opinions and advice greatly appreciated.

also i’m open to other suggestions.


SE is easier to mod with arcade parts.


Get a TE…you will regret the SE.

The TE comes stock with a sanwa JLF joystick with a square gate and 8 sanwa buttons. The case is made mostly of metal which gives it a giod weight at 12 pounds. It feels good to play in the lap or on a surface. And there are a few different flavors availble to cater to your style. Also madcatz is producing a swappable mortal kombat layout top panel. The te is very easy to modify, from the art to the parts inside, even painting the case.

A lot of us here embrace the TE as well, so if you have a problem you can typically get it solved. Madcatz offers a 1 year wartanty on all TE fightsticks. I have the mvc2 one and i love it! Got an octo gate and a new custom dust cover coming from tekinnovations!
I just wish i could find some art that i like that matches well with the yellow buttons. But i like the stock art a lot.

Sorry to rant a little, im just tryin to tell you the pros of the TE that the SE doesnt quite measure up to. The same can be said about the paewang. It may work for both consoles, but the parts aint so great.

Hope this helps.


for compatibility, the paewang is pretty good. however, the se (modded with sanwa/seimitsu replacement parts) will be a better stick. paewangs are hard(er) to mod, but not impossible. so if u want the dual-compatibility out of the box, the paewang is better. the se (and te) can be dual-modded fairly easily with a chimp board. the best of both worlds would be a te with dual-mod with chimp. the se might be harder to find (at a store) since its discontinued… sorry if this doesnt really solve ur question.


no this is great thanks for the fast and informative reply’s, so if i get a TE i can get it modded to work on both consoles? that would be great, I didn’t know that was even an option. how about the blazeblue stick?


Yes you can easily get it modded to work with both systems. There are several people who do dual mods on SRK. I recommend JDM of jamesandjames socal modding.

All TEs are almost made the same except for colors and art. They all use sanwa jlfs with square gates and sanwa buttons.

The te is a much nicer piece of equipment than the se in my opinon. The weight and bigger layout is nice for someone with big hands.

Go with a TE trust me.


Technically, both the TE and SE have the same bits made of metal: the top panel and bottom cover.


Ive never touched an se so i cant say. But not only are the top panel and bottom metal the entire casing of the te is. The only plastic is the parts and wire door. And of course plexi over the top panel. The sides, top panel, and bottom are all metal. Have u ever touched a TE?


se fightstick - Google Search

Judging from this picture, the sides and insides of the se are made of plastic. Thherefore they dont have the same “metal bits”

The TE is a much more quality piece of equipment than SE and already comes with sanwa parts. It also has more weight to it which makes it good for playing on a surface. The se looks like a toy compared to the TE in my opinion. And i dont support the product at all. It may be affordable, but in the world we live in, you get what you pay for.


lol, how butthurt can a person get?


The bottom line about the two is that the Paewang is hell to upgrade if you decide to take your game more seriously, while the SE is rather simple to swap parts out of.


It shows. The core design of the TE and SE are the same, just like d3v said. The top and bottom panels are both metal and have the same semi-universal mounting bracket and proper 30mm button holes (both of which the paewang doesn’t have) and the metal bottom plate. The PCB is the same in both the TE and SE (unless you include the Chun-Li TE, Madcatz updated the PS3 PCB on that version alone), and both are easy to swap out parts.

There are only real functional differences between the two, which are 1)What you get stock and 2)The physical size of them. The third difference is purely for aesthetic reasons, as when aided with plexi panels it is much easier to swap art on a TE than a SE.

The bigger size of the TE may be preferred for stability, however some prefer the smaller size of the SE for it’s portability.

Bottom line is the value of the SE varies, depending on how much you can get it for. But getting one and modding it for sure is an option to get a reliable stick, and shouldn’t be discounted just because of predetermined notions that “it’s cheap therefore it’s bad”. This especially applies to the TvC SE. A great stick, but overlooked because people refuse to have an open mind.

As for saying the SE looks like a “toy” while the TE looks professional, that may be true. However, judging from the templates/final designs of art I see posted here, 90% of people go out of their way to try to make their stick look as much like a toy as possible.

To be quite honest I think my SE looks more “professional” than most TEs posted here.


My small asian hands are a good fit to the SE. I want something a bit heavier though.


Every time someone posts about what stick to get or what is better, we should refer them to their local gaming community (if they have one) so they can try different sticks.

Everyone is all about the TE mainly nowadays (I have 2), but Hori has made great products as well and also good options.

edit - the new Qanba RAF4 is coming out soon, and it will have PS360 support AND Sanwa parts out of the box. The form factor looks pretty legit too, so you have that option as well starting in April.


I don’t think the Paewang Board likes to be dual-modded with Mad Catz SE PCBs, either. This is something I would normally do with PS360 PCBs just to get Turbo and Home buttons on the panel to still work. I connected the VCCs of both and my PS3 said too much power was being used.

All Mad Catz SE sticks are my preferred stick mod just because of how easy everything is to swap out for something better (stick, buttons, artwork, etc.).


The TE and SE, in my opinion, DO NOT have the same “core design”.

The casings are very different on the outside and inside. As i stated before, more metal is used on the TE, anyone who says different is an idiot. I’m not trying to rule out the SE because its “cheap” im trying to make the thread starter realize why an se costs so little. Im not gunna tell someone with 0 joystick experience to go out and buy an SE and mod it with (insert brand) parts. Talk about throwing someone to the lions.

When he started to suggest the sticks for discussion, I assumed that he wanted something ready to go out the box, being that its his very first stick. The TE also holds its value quite well. Especially if you take care of it.
I recommend the TE for him because it is a durable, and solid piece of equipment. And it has stock sanwa parts so he will not have to change buttons. And as i stated earlier JDM can easily do a dual mod.

Either way good luck with your stick selecting, i hope whatever you decide to get, is something you enjoy and learn to use very well.

Btw the qanba looks very nice as well! Check its forum out!


thx for all the input I ordered the blazeblue te stick


depends on your definition of “core design” i guess…

same viewlix layout, same dimensions, same joystick spacing, same joystick height the SE DOES have a metal top panel and metal bottom panel and even the same exact pcb as the round 1 TE and same turbo/home mini panel… thats my opinion of same “core design” because a case construction doesnt affect your gameplay… if you blind folded a person and put their hands on top of the TE and a modded SE i dont think anyone will be able to tell a difference from the layout itself.
but you are including the case itself in the definition of “core design” and i think this is where people tend to disagree…


if you dont wanna put in any extra effort, get a madcatz TE

if you are willing to put in some effort

  1. madcatz SE if you want to save a few bucks
  2. paewang and modding if you want easier dual console support