Paid in Full 2: A Colorado tournament which has TvC

**TvC tournament in Denver, September 25th. Pot bonus of $200 and rising.
What up crew? Just letting you know the Extra Fresh League of Colorado is throwing a big tourney in later end of September. BB:CS, T6, SSF4 are all gonna be there, but so is TvC.

If you’re still competitive about TvC (or any of the other games being held) I recommend trying to make it out. TvC already has a guaranteed pot bonus of $200 and Kurasa has already bought his plane ticket to come (Lookin forward to you coming here man). I personally, would love to see all the Cali players and those here and between I met at either Devastation or EVO to make it out.

Go here: extrafreshnet - PIF2: STILL GETTIN’ PAID - September 25th, 2010 to view the local thread for the tournament to find more information and details. Feel free to post here or sign up at EFL to post there. If you’ve got any questions please let any of us know and we’ll try to get back with you asap.

I hope you a get a good turnout for the TvC tourney!

hmm, ticket seems pretty cheap…

anywhere I can stay for free???

No official housing but almost certain that if you decide to come out we can put you up somewhere for at least the night or two.

Also, the flyers got printed: