Pain in hands


I seem to be on a repetitive loop of playing a lot, hurting my hands, taking a little time off (not enough), playing without pain for a while, repeat. It’s really annoying. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s just to be expected with a certain amount of continuous playing.

I’m using arcade sticks. I’ve gotten pain in both hands now, but generally the right hand hurts more often. I have kind of small hands, maybe that’s a factor? I play with the controller in my lap, hands resting on it. I’ve never had issues with pain from typing or anything like that before, it only started with arcade controls.


yea this kind of stuff happens a lot actually. at first when i used to play i would get pain very quickly but your muscles do get used to it. aside from that you should be taking long breaks inbetween if you have pain. i used to do the same with guitar hero and it came to the point where my left hand just said not anymore. i had to take a few days off just to be able to write again. extreme i know. just take a break for a few days. trust me your muscles will thank me later.


hmm i’m new to fight stick, and while it is awkward i’ve never had pain in my hands. perhaps move the fight stick further down your lap, like closer to your knees. that way your arms stretch out more and your hands won’t hurt.

or maybe put the fight stick on a chair in front of you, many people find that to be quite comfortable

or even sit on the floor with it in front of you


I should add that I was using the stick for at least 3 months before I ever got any pain. It’s only like intense training mode sessions or REALLY long gameplay sessions that do it to me. But I need my intense training mode sessions.

The thing about playing with the controller in my lap is that I like it. I really don’t wanna have to play sitting hunched over or something, I just wanna sit back and play, ya know?


Dunno how you could possibly be hurting your hands tbh. I imagined you were just holding the stick wrong but you said your right hand hurts more. Honestly I barely even use my hands when playing on stick, it’s all in the fingers.


Is it pain in the muscles or in the joints? Muscles is fine…that’s just fatigue. In the joints, you might have an issue.


No, it’s the joints. It’s a little hard to pinpoint, but mostly around the knuckles I guess.


Sign of carpal tunnel, you need to take a long break and keep ice on the joints it’s hurting, including your wrist if it’s there too. I’ve had it happen to me in the past when I played a LOT. It doesn’t mean you for sure have carpal tunnel like permanently, it’s just the beginning signs which can be completely negated and you can pretty much eliminate it by staying away for at least a week and a half to two weeks and icing for 15 minutes every few hours for a few days til the pain subsides.

I got it a couple times a few years back, hasn’t bugged me since.


I’ve been having this for a few weeks too
I know part of it has to do with the way I tense up my hand while i’m hovering over the buttons. If I make a point of relaxing my hand while I’m playing I don’t seem to end up with pain the next day. It’s hard to stay concious of this though.


I agree with Sektr, sounds like Carpal Tunnel. Take a few weeks off from games/anything repetitive or stressful on your hands/wrists

I have carpal tunnel, it sucks :sad: I didn’t notice any early signs, just woke up one day and my wrist hurt. Didn’t go away with a few days rest/using brace, and turns out I had carpal tunnel. This was 4-5 years ago. I took a 6 month break from everything, then slowly worked back into gaming. And it was fine for a while, but after a year or so of playing it came back again, and I had surgery for it. That helped a lot, but it still bothers me a bit to this day, but only if I play too much at one time. Generally I can get 2-3 hours in of gaming a day, long as I take breaks during that time. But that’s about my limit before it starts hurting. Not a big issue for me because I usually can’t get that much in a day. And I don’t play everyday.

My advice for you, or anyone else having similar issues, is what sektr said, plus anytime you feel that pain or any type of numbness while playing stop playing that instant and quit playing for the day, possibly longer. And while you are playing make sure you have your wrists in a comfortable natural position. Make sure they aren’t twisted or turned in some odd fashion. Also every 10-15 minutes take a 2-5 minute break and just gently roll wrists around, and even your shoulders, let them relax. Following that should help prevent issues a lot. Carpal tunnel isn’t fun to have.


Could also just be RSI, in which case you just need to take it easy for a while.


Could be RSI, I tend to get that pain after a looong day at a tournament of near constant playing.

Just rest it for a few days.


I had pain when I first swithched to stick put only in my button pressing hand. if your getting it in both maybe change your grip on the stick and like someone above said move the stick down towards your knees.


STOP watching porn and playing with your joystick :devil::razz:


have the pain around my wrist and elbow :l


instead of necroposting a 4-year-old post, go see a doctor