So does anybody here play PAIN!?

If so, discuss.

If not, I seriosuly suggest you DL it, as in, now. :smiley:

nobody has played this bad ass game?

real quick without googling it,whats pain?

You-Tube “Pain PS3” :slight_smile:

OMG, that game looks fun,hahaha. ill look for the demo online,ill play it,lol. OMG, i just watched the “hancock” trailer, im pretty sure that looks like the funniest movie ill see this year!!! go check it its hilarious!!! will smith plays a drunk super hero!!! almost pissed myself. [media=youtube]_sV6Dy8S9o8[/media]

tim, if i posted a public apology on here for the folks at, would you copy and paste it on there for me?