Painless T5 modding?


Hey guys - are there any joysticks that will fit into a T5 Hori without having to drill holes into the stick to match the mounting plate on the T5 case?

If not, anyone willing to drill holes in one and mail it to me for a little extra cash? =D

Also, anyone willing to help me mod the damn thing? NYC area preferably. =D


Offhand, I want to say if you get 1/2" long screws that fit the threads, you can install them in just the base of a JLF, and then throw the pcb and gate on after to avoid drilling. You could also possibly just hacksaw down the existing screws, but that’s just messy.


A JLF will fit in there perfect with the existing screws


Really? I was told drilling/shaving/something or another was required. Never heard you could do it stock before. :shy: Can anyone else confirm?


yeah anyone, im swapping my t5 joystick this weekend


I can confirm that all you need to do to fit the JLF in a T5 bracket is to drill 4 holes and use the stock hardware. But what do I know?


lol listen to this man, he knows what hes talkin about. seriously


It’s not hard… You drill 4 holes through the gate.


Lol, not to mention he made me a custom T5 stick (with JLF).


Can you still install a Sanwa stick if you removed the 4 metal tabs that were originally on the back side of the plate?

Excuse my ignorance, I’m working on my first mod.


You mean the tabs with the holes that were used to mount the old joystick? If yes, then you have some work ahead of you.


I can confirm this. I had a surprisingly easy time modding my stick, about as painless as it could be. Be sure to follow the DOA4 stick mod guide if you’re using the default PCB, it is not common ground so you have to break the contacts.


Oh that is awesome. I might be getting a T5 from a pal and I was hoping there would be an easy way to do that.


Yes, those would be the tabs. Any tips on where to go from here?