Paint on plastic cases?

whats the best paint/finish coat to put on something like a hori case for wii fighting stick or the hori ex2. or just plastics in general?

anyone have any painting tips? plz anything is good :wgrin:

Vinyl dye is the best, but you can get good results with regular spray paints as well.

I’ve seen people use car interior paint for painting on plastics. You can find it at Wal-Mart.

This stuff is good to use on plastics and will hopefully not gloop like regular spray paint. You’ll probably need to get a very fine grit sandpaper and sand the areas your going to paint.

Here you go.

ty for the reply :smiley:

sand, primer, paint, then possibly, primer again then paint for best results.

Just make sure you use a decent plastic primer otherwise the paint won’t stick. Once you have a few base primer coats, you can do a couple coats of regular acrylic spray paint and then a few clear coats.

I wouldn’t use enamel paint on plastic, doesn’t seem to work too well. It’s ok to use on timber though, but acrylic seems to wear better.

thanks for all the help guys i sanded the surface and used a primer then the paint of my choice and it looks pretty good so far. i’ll post pics when done.

here is the final product, was a learnign experience so the paint job is a lil messy in one area, and i need to replace a button or 2 because i had my soldering iron set to high, but all in all im satisfied with it. the goal was to keep it simple for my first big mod :D. i think it turned out well.

heres a closup

Good even coverage. Gunmetal Duplicolor?

Looks pretty good. Well done!

so i was a little unhappy with the plain finish so since i ordered new vermillion buttons/balltop i did a bit of work for the art dept. heres what its looking like so far. should have buttons in any day now. just waiting on my lizardlick order.

^Nice art man !

final product posted in this thread… didnt wanna double post it.