Paint question.


So I have this SE sitting here and I have a question.

I was thinking of painting the steel top panel on the SE. I can’t really decide if it’d be worth it. Do you think there would be button mounting problems or sweat/oil problems in the long run?

Also I had a couple questions on the process of painting as well. What’s the ideal spray paint for metal, Enamel based?

Here are the steps I think are correct, correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t want to mess up hah.

? Remove Panel
? Clean panel - get all the rust/glue/dirt off.
? Sand panel down
? Clean again
? Primer
? More sanding
? More cleaning
? Another coat of primer
? 2-3 coats of correct paint
? One coat of clear

I’m pretty new to painting, but I don’t think lami-label will cut it for what I want to do. (A nice matte-black with a smooth finish)

Oh I also plan on painting the screws heads as well just so everything will be uniform.


Sounds about right, but try sanding down the clear coat even with stuff like 600 grit to 1500 grit to prep it for a second clear coat. I like to do 2 coats of clear regardless of wood or metal.

actually you’re pretty much good with just rust paint on that panel, no need for primer


Ok, what about the type of paint. Was I right with Enamel as well?


As long as you have primer, youre fine. If you want good quality, go buy some 1000 grit sandpaper and sand the second to final coat of regular paint. It will come out smooth. If the clear coat is rough, do the same, then reapply.

Make sure it is warm with low humidity the clear coat will haze. Also after painting it, you can let it set for a week so the paint is sure not to chip or fade.


Ok I have a question about these four holes

Now am I correct that the best way to fill these holes would be to use Bondo?


Use bondo. For metal panel us an epoxy primer before applying your normal primer.
Normal primer can tend to flake off as it doesn’t bite into the metal well at all. Where as epoxy primer does, it normally comes in a red colour.


Ok, thanks for all the help guys. I’m still up in the air about this though, I might save this project for a stick that’s a little more worth it and one I’ll keep in the long run, I.E. one I make myself.