Paint question.

So i put on about 30 coats of krylon white and my stick was looking good

I waited from 4pm Friday until 4pm today (Monday the 16th) then i went to clear coat it because i want a super glossy almost “ipod” white

and this happened anyone have any idea what could cause this. I have done this before with black paint and it worked fine. any idea why the clear coat would f up my paint so much. at this point im gonna have to wait until this crap drys then start over.

these are the paints i used

my only guess is that the clear coat and the paint just dont work together. I’m gonna try another brand and see what happens. Does anyone have any paint suggestions for a nice smooth really high gloss white finish?

its call the orange peel effect. u have to make sure the surface is perfectly prepped before you paint the clear on. also you should use a water based clear coat for your white paint. it might turn yellow after a while.

Is it better to not clear coat white at all then? I was using a gloss white to begin with. Also what do you mean perfectly prepped i did a light sanding with 600 grit paper and wiped it down with a damp rag then a dry rag. And i know the white paint was completely dry. Also I’ve seen we paint do this but never dry. beyond a water based clear coat any suggestion on how to prevent this from happening on my next go around.

I wanted to paint my SE too, but I’m so afraid of something like this occuring.

I’m actually planning on using Vinyl film. But maybe if someone makes a decent paint FAQ it would help a lot. :slight_smile:

here is the black stick that was done using the same technique it came out great

I dont get why this one worked and the white one orange peeled up. Like i said any advised would be welcome as im gonna get started painting again tomorrow.

actually that’s not orange peel. that’s wrinkling, which is caused by many things. here are a few:

-too cold outside
-didn’t remove oils, water, wax, acetone, etc prior to clear coating
-wasn’t finished drying and gassing out prior to clear coating
-mixed different brands of paints (probably the main reason why it cracked in addition to unfinished drying. not a good idea to mix Krylon with Rustoleum no matter what they say on the can. Krylon keeps changing up it’s formula to dry faster/harder and can wrinkle real easy sometimes depending on age of the paint in comparison to your clear coat. i’ve wrinkled paint using Krylon color with a Krylon clear coat before :annoy: )

hope that helps

Thank man thats some good info. I gonna sand it back down to flat and try some rustoleum white. Im not crazy about that krylon stuff anyway it was just what the hardware store nearest to me had.

Heres to hoping i can have this done by this weekend so i can get in some good games.

Krylon Fusion. Designed for plastics without sanding the surface. I have used it for my Guitars (Rock Band and GH axes) and they came out awesome. I did a white one and even did some original art on it (pencil then inked it).
Or the Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Satins or Flats. great stuff that takes about 10 mins to dry and after some varnish comes out smooth and bright.

Highly recommend!

I had a really rough time using Rustoleum pro recently, Krylon Fusion layed down great though.