Paint Splat Photoshop brushes for you guys

I noticed a lot of people who make their custom stick artwork have paint splats under the buttons.

I made a collection of Photoshop brushes for this purpose & figured i’d share them with you guys.

Download them here

Enjoy! :rock:

cool stuff!! :smiley:

No worries!

Thanks, hopefully i’ll use these when finishing off my streets of rage artwork for my stick im working on.

Do you have any for the poor folks for Gimp?

No problem, sounds like you’re gonna put em to good use.

No i don’t, is there a way to export them from Photoshop for use with Gimp?

Thanks derkoi!

No worries. I have some grunge brushes (dust, scratches etc ) kicking around, if they’d be of use to anyone i’ll upload them too.

why not!

Hell yea, why not … if I get some time il upload some brushes I use alot.


Cool, i will do, just trying to find all my backed up stuff, just done a reinstall of windows. lol

Hi people, here is a RS link to all the brushes that I have used over the years on photoshop, there a mish mash of brushes I have downloaded from other sites, so some of them you may have seen before some you havent. As I said before these are all the brushes I have used and orgainsed through my years, enjoy.