Painted Hardwood Blank Cases ***SOLD OUT***

Just in time for a pre-EVO project!

Painted Hardwood Blank Case for Sale:


Orange case is built from Poplar hardwood, primed, painted and clear coated
Built for PS3 or Xbox360 with (3) 24mm buttons holes on the back
Built for Sanwa JLF or Seimitsu LS-32/LS-40
TMO signature plexiglass bottom panel included
Includes plexiglass top panel, rubber feet and joystick mounting hardware
Dimensions 9 x 12 x 2.0" (at front) & 2.75" (at back)
The plexiglass still has the protective film on it
This case has a smooth glossy finish (not a wet-sand finish)

(Brie thought this would make a great Blanka stick if we had more time)


Thanks again SRK!!!

After some inquiries we have decided to open up tomorrows sale to include international shipping.

Will there be room for quick disconnects without bending the terminals?

On the last couple blanks we have sold people have finished them off with quick disconnects. These two will be no different.

After further review of the cases most recently completed by our customers, we cannot tell if the quick disconnects were bent or not. Whether or not you’ll need to bend them will be determined by your choice of buttons, quick disconnects and wires since each individual does their wiring differently. Since we can’t guarantee you will not need to bend them, if it is of major concern, we suggest you do not purchase this case. We would rather have you not purchase the case then become a dissatisfied customer over a bent quick disconnect.:wgrin:

I am in for the white case!

Please let me know your favourite payment methode.

Thanks for the interest. Can you please email us at we find it easier for everyone if we keep all of our shipping/payment info in one place.

Also, Paypal is our favorite form of payment.


o wow, those cases are very nice TMO.

hope the sale, goes well for you.

Damn I got beaten to the white case. I wanted to make a Pai Mei stick :sad:

dang you guys are awesome
that box looks amazing

i got beaten to the white case too :frowning:

Atryu, check your email please. We still have not received your payment.

For future reference, I can fit Seimitsu PS-14-KNs with AT-110 quick disconnects (the ones Akihabarashop sell) into my TMO without bending the terminals. I wasn’t using the sleeves though, I’m not sure how much size they add on.

Also, that orange case is dope. Congrats to the winners.

Are these still for sale? If they are, can I get the white one? Also, is what part of So Cal are you guys from? Pick up by any chance?

The white case has sold. The orange case is still available.

I agree with Bree. Of course Blanka is my favorite SF character. :wgrin:

Yeah, its awesome, Brie is the designer for all our art, shape and color coordination and yet I almost always get the credit for it. :wgrin: win-win for me :tup:

I’m in shock this hasn’t sold yet. I would have bought it but I have another stick being made…someone really needs to cure me of my addiction. :frowning:

The orange case looks great! I would buy it if I had the skills to wire up a 360 PCB into it.

I can do that for you.

Cool, I just sent you a PM.