Painted Pale Custom Arcade Sticks!

Paintedpale sticks are no longer available!!!

Thank you!!!

Good stuff and best of luck. I really like the pink bot and sanwa custom. :tup:

Hmm, I’ll think about it.

Take your time. :slight_smile:

Right now im currently working on 2. they should be finished and sent out by next week.

Also doing the finishing touches on the guile stick so that will be up for sale soon!!! and since its still before X-mas ill start the price at $120 for the new custom

got my stick today, and it is awesome!!! I love it, the stick is not too high compared to the buttons, just looks that way in the pictures, it is very comfortable, steady on my lap and built to last, and very responsive. Thanks again :lovin:

here is a link to the stick I am referring to

Wow you’re lucky to get that stick for just $65. Wish i was around at the time.

I love the black w/red paintjob :smile:

New form to keep organized. added to the top.

your boxes look very straight and sharp, and the paintjobs are pretty sweet

one thing


i only have a few pics…but SURE!!! :slight_smile:

O. M. F. G.
That paintjob and artwork on the Sol Stick is AMAZING. Wow, now I really want one of these sticks… ill send you an email.

That Ken one is savage.

Keep up the good work man.

I will definably do business with you in the future.


Is it $120 for the Guile stick or if I order a custom now?

The guile.

Just received paintedpale’s “Ken” Happ Stick. All is Good.

Okay, everyone who has ordered sticks from me within the past week or two…most of your boxes have been constructed and most of them are being painted!!!

But this update is because of delays with parts…where i recieve my parts from is having delays with their order from japan,due to holidays,im working on all of your sticks very hard and if you need pics i will be more then happy to show you their progression over the past few days…if the delay for parts continues to the end of the week i will be ordering from a different company and it may take a little longer to recieve parts ill do my best to get you your sticks ASAP!!!Keep in touch if you have any questions…i dont want to lose your business so if there is anything i can do let me now…or if you know of a good place to find parts then let me know!!!

Sorry about all of this and thank you,


recieved word on parts and my order should be filled out by this weekend…so most likely i will get parts around next week so no worries everyone im still on schedule :slight_smile:

Thank you all for being patient,

I’ll probably be requesting mine mid to late january, at the latest mid febuary. That’ll give me time to find out what I need/want parts and art work wise. And hopefully you’ll have spare parts…etc…etc…or it’ll be easier to order parts with out all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

I haven’t baught a custom stick, but I love how your work looks and you seem to have good feedback. So, like I said. I hope do to buissness with you in the near future.


Take your time i will be waiting:wgrin:

Okay updated pics on my flickr page chennecis and iapetus.

naked snake i had to take your box back to the shop and sand it up a bit…so ill get your pic as soon as this weekend hopefully…sorry for the mixup:sad:

hope you guys like them so far

Looks hot so far. By the way, I called dibs on the Guile stick if anyone was wondering.

No problem, mang. Do what you gotta do to make it awesome.