Painters help

I have just started really looking at digital painting recently. Im not sure if im headed in the right direction in terms of finishing my artwork color usage etc. I just want people to critique this peice of aggripa I snuck in while at work. Ive done a few other faces I can post here as well. I’d like critiques…if anyone wants to paint on these and show me some tips Id appreciate it. :tup: I just want to get strooonger!!!

this is the first one i painted




Forgot to mention these are drawn and colored straight into photoshop with WACOM. Thanks

Hey fellas, im just looking for feedback, I guess I need to draw more SF stuff. Maybe i shouldnt have posted so many pics :frowning:

Hey dude, they’re lookin good. Especially the 2nd and 3rd ones. The 2nd one is the best. Structure looks good, textures are interesting, and hues look good. I would stick to the style you used with those two pics. They are working a lot better than the other two. Looks like a few places you went to straight white for highlights, which is kind of a no no. Use a light hue instead of white. The first and last ones, the colors aren’t as nice (too saturated), and they don’t blend as well either. Also the light source is more ambiguous.
I’d like to see more stuff like what you’ve got in the 2nd one though. I definately dig that style.

Thanks for the feedback! I always have trouble with lighting/contrast and what colors to use. The two that you happen to like the best, I did as a demonstration for freinds and didnt spend a lot of time on them. Perhaps I am just over working my pictures.

Thanks for the feedback. I like your stuff too.

Anyone else have tips for me? I will post more stuff later.

The 2nd and last pics are really great, considering you’re only just starting to dabble in digital painting. I think the lineart kinda overwhelms the paints in the other two pics but you’ve got good technique from what I see. Just keep at it :slight_smile:

I would like to get to the point to where the colors define the form more than the line. not sure how to do it yet other than once I put down my colors, pull out a fine brush and detail. here is a new pic i did today.


when i press the insert image button it don’t do nothing, anybody tell me how to insert a image everything.and i mean every thing.

great job on all these. Very nice structure.

I think your weakest point right now is your midtones. I see darks and the darks faded into light. Gotta have a mid value transition.

Another flaw i see is popping too many highlights. Stick with one lightsource and you will be alright. If you happen to do double lighting make sure one is dominant and that both do not compete against each other. That distracts the eye.

Overall just keep practicing and choose a more vivid color for a midtone. Below is a paintover on Geki to help you out. Take it easy man.

Thanks a lot! I will continue to pratice. It is a struggle tho lol.

Here is a new head. Hopefully Im getting what you guys are trying to show me. Im having fun learning this stuff!




Hey dude. Try using larger brushes when you’re doing larger areas. Why scratch away with a little brush at an area, when the same thing, but cleaner, can be achieved with a single brush stroke? Your shadow placement is getting better, now try and refine the shadow shapes more, and try not to get too splotchy. With the Adon, be careful with that linework. Either do linework, or don’t do it, but don’t do it only half there ^_~ The scratchy lines in it don’t really fit with the rest of the pic. I think that one could use a few more darks too.

I got to try to remember that. I dont realize im in chicken scratch mode until Im deep into the picture, then I realize it would have been easier to use larger brushes lol. Should I practice a few pics with straight colors and no line work to help me out?

I did Adon in like 30 mins right b4 i got i have to leave my work before they lock up. I will go back in and work on it somemore later today, Im seeing areas where i put lighting where there shouldnt be. thanks for tips :slight_smile:

Photoshop vs Painter

I feel you can get the same results using photoshop vs painter. It takes a little more work.

In your opinion, what is the program to cut you teeth on for what I am trying to do?

I do these quick pics while im at work when no one is looking lol. I dont have painter at work. I have one at home but I dont use it. I know I should get familiar with it but in your opinion, should I work mainly in painter or photoshop? does it depend on what kind of look I want? I notice a lot of artist use painter but there are some artists who use photoshop and still put out great work.

went back, reworked adon. the second one I added a big dark color, dropped the opacity on the layer and took an eraser just to see what would happen. Probably over did it but im experimenting :karate:

Ill keep practicing and posting lol