Painting a balltop? 3D printing one?


Are there any successful AND cost effective ways to paint a balltop?

Also, i have been considering investing in a 3d printer. Has anyone 3d printed balltops or any fightstick parts (hole plugs, dust covers, etc)



Successful, definitely.

Not sure what your expectations are for “cost effective”, though.


Ahh i do remember seeing that thread. Would that type of paint be better than a spray paint?


Your question’s really vague, because “spray paint” comes in many different kinds; polycarbonates, acrylics, enamels, lacquers (at the very least) come to mind.

Off-hand, I would presume that enamels or lacquers would be most suitable, especially when sprayed or airbrushed, since they’re both very durable when cured properly.


I am referring to rustoleum and/krylon spray paints, as thats what i use for my fight cases


That’s still kind of vague.
The brand itself can’t always be used as an indication; both Rustoleum and Krylon make spray paint cans in different types of paints: I believe most of Rustoleum products are enamels, but they also make acrylic, lacquer, latex, and polyurethane paints as well. Most of the Krylon that I’ve used are enamels as well, but they have some products that are a different paint type.

If it’s what you use for your cases, why don’t you just try it out then? In a worst case scenario, you just have to sand down the balltop, prime, and try again.


I dont mind experimenting, but if someone on the forums had a bad experience and could steer me clear of that, then i would not waste any time unnecessarily.