Painting Aluminum?

I have a friend who can weld an aluminum arcade case for me. I’ve seen a thread on this website for a blank aluminum case, but I want something different. Does anyone know how to prime, paint, and apply coating to Aluminum? The color choice is black. I do not have an airbrush. Is it possible to get a good quality paint job without an airbrush? And how do I know between a bad quality paint brush from the good quality ones? Details of steps, material, and where I can find the materials would be greatly appreciated. Stores I have around my city are Lowes and Home Depot. I do not mind ordering materials online if the shipping is not too costly and I don’t have to buy in bulk. Thanks.

I believe that you should be using an spray paint instead of a brush.

Powder coating is the best way, if you can get it done…

Powder coating is indeed the best option. You won’t have to worry about wear and tear anymore.

I wanted to go with powder coating, but I don’t have the resources to go with that option. Nor do I know anyone who custom paints metal. I called a couple custom auto paint shops but they basically said no. All I know is paint doesn’t readily adhere to Aluminum, and the paint will chip away if not done properly. Seems like I may have to stick with the casing not being painted.

Aluminum needs alot of prep in order for the paint to stick and remain durable. Powdercoat is the only way. If you don’t have the resources, find them.

Where are you based and what colour do you need?

I’m based in charlotte, nc. I am wanting the case to be black. I looked online and I think I may have found a place. I just need to call them up on Monday to see if they are able to do it.

Here is a website for powder coating if anyone is in the Charlotte Area. I was told the cost will be no more than $20. Price doesn’t sound bad.