Painting an already painted SE


I’m repainting this nasty beast.

I’ve searched and searched and couldn’t find shit on this, he said he painted it with the tripple thick Krylon, I believe that’s what it was.

So, what do I do to paint this thing a flat black?


bump, can I at least get re-dircected to a thread I missed?




bump…I want to buy the paint for this asap…


if he put triple thick paint already, you don’t just want to buy more paint and cake it on there.

buy some sandpaper and sand that gunk off first. Then once you got it nice an smooth you can spray your flat black on it.


Alright, so just sand it and paint it with?
Am I going to want that vynal dye or just some Krylon for plastics?


Most likely Krylon. Sand, prime then paint. I don’t know how the plastic will react to paint remover, don’t risk it.


Thanks guys, hopefully this project turns out well.


Definitely sand it, duder. I doubt a little paint thinner would hurt anything if you’re careful. I personally wouldn’t hesitate to use some to try and get the job done a little faster, but… Do so at your own risk.

As for refinishing… I’d go with the vinyl dye if you can get a nice smooth surface after sanding.


dip it in mud


Lick it. I saw your pic at the trading thread, you know you want to.


Its going to be a bitch to get the green out of the grooves on the top, I don’t see all of it coming off, at least without a fight. Krylon would be best to cover that, but you may need to prime. Idk, it depends on how clean it comes out.


I dunno, I might just wanna eat the paint chips after I sand it O.o

Kitsunisan: I was thinking the same thing…


If it’s Krylon on plastic and you really wanted it to come off what I would recommend is completely taking it apart. All the buttons, stick, guts etc so that all you have is the plastic shell that you need cleaned. Then take it and dip it in something to strip the paint off of it.

Could be something such as simple green, I know it does a good job on stripping paint.

Otherwise, something I have HEARD does a good job of cleaning paint off of plastic is Easy Off oven cleaner. You know the spray cleaner stuff, spray it on your plastic, put it in a big plastic bag and seal it up. Leave it for a few hours then rinse and use a scrub brush on it.

That’s going to be your best bet. It would help get the paint off, get it cleaned better than just sand paper and if could likely clean it back to the original plastic but it would take some time.


But how would either of those react with the plastic? That would me my main concern. Not all plastics react the same.


I paint miniatures and use simple green to clean enamel and acrylic paints off of them all the time. For plastics I use a 50/50 mix of simple green and water and I haven’t had an issue.

I recommend doing it in stages, leave it soaking for 2-3 hours, rinse it with water and use a brush to clean it. See how it looks and repeat the process.

If you leave it soaking too long, yes it can start to eat the plastic but I have only seen that happen if you use 100% strength simple green and leave it soaking for several days at a time. 2-3 hours in a diluted mix at a time, I can’t see it being a problem at all. The plastic used for the SE box is much more durable than the plastics used in miniatures.


So, I think I’m going to see how much I can get off with sanding, and then soak it to strip and brush the rest away.