Painting an SE stick metal plate?

I’m customizing my SE stick to make it all-white. I want it to look pretty much like this:

I wasn’t able to find much about people painting right onto the metal plate. Is it a bad idea? If so, why? It doesn’t seem like a very popular choice. Would it rub off?

I want to paint the metal plate white. Just a plain, shiny white.

What is the best way to do this? What products do I need? So far this is what i’ve gathered:

-Clean the surface.
-Sand with 80 grit.
-Clean the surface.
-Sand with 180 grit.
-Clean the surface.
-Clear coat.

Is this right? If not, what should I change?

If everything’s good here then I just need to know what products to get. I have an Autozone and an Ace Hardware very close and I’m sure they have everything I’d need.

isn’t 80 and 180 grit pretty rough?

Do you think so? What would you suggest?

I don’t know anything about the different types of sandpaper grit, that’s just what i got from my notes. Said to use 80 grit before primer, then sand the primer with 180.