Painting and LED lighting

Just a curious question.
1] On the madcatz se fight stick is there a way to paint the little box on the top left corner?
[I have the xbox one]

I google’d around but didnt really find much. All I can really think of is removing the part and covering it with masking tape and painting…orrrr buying the wwe stick and taking that part out and switching it with my white one and returning it to a store lol. but that’s gunna give me bad karma

second question, I’m sure there is a thread out there for this but how would I go about putting led’s into my case? the threads I saw were pretty technical and non noob friendly. I just got a new bat top and the idea of putting purple into my case sounds amazing to me =]

I’m already going to paint my buttons to match the new aluminum bat top i got. and my case has openings to allow the light to come thru for you guys wondering how light is supposed to come out of a madcatz fight stick lol =]

I painted mine. Remove it, and paint it. No real special instructions, just get the right paint. I couldn’t tell you what I got because it was a while ago. I painted it red, and I just did a light coat over the whole thing. The LEDs still showed up perfectly.

As far as painting the SE, vinyl dye works better, in my opinion. It’s designed to be soaked up by the plastic, instead of just coating it, like paint. Paint tends to not stick to plastic too well, and it can also peel off if you’re not careful.

LEDs are a little tougher, and it generally depends on what you want to do. If you just want LEDs that are always on, not so tough, but if you want special effects/color changing on button presses, it could be a bit tougher. Most people like to use clear buttons to make the light come out of the case around the buttons.