Painting case help

So I just picked up an Madcatz MLG fightstick and I hate the colors of the side panels. I’ve already ordered some in colors that I like so I want to use the originals to practice painting in a different color.

From what I understand vinyl dye is the way to go. Since this soaks into the plastic as oppose to covering a layer on top, will there be any issues with the original colors bleeding through if I want to paint it white? Do I need to prep before painting white like primer or removing old paint?

And if later on I want to paint it a different color, will their be any issues with repainting with vinyl dye. Do I just paint over or do I have to remove the old dye first.


  1. Keep in mind that, like you said, dye is NOT like paint. You will NOT be able to dye anything to a white color.
  2. If I’m not mistaken, the side panels on the MLG stick are some metallic/chromy red and blue. You will have to strip that off before dyeing/painting.
  3. You will not be able to remove old dye. Like you already understood, it soaks into the plastic. Whatever color you dye the plastic, you will have only two choices afterwards if you want to change it: a) dye it again in a darker color, but your results may vary; or b) paint it to cover it up.

The way to look at dye is pretty much this: think of it as putting on a translucent layer over your stock color.

  • white plastic + red dye = pink plastic
  • red plastic + blue dye = purple plastic
  • black plastic + any dye = black plastic
    Obviously, multiple trips with the dye and/or exposure time will give you deeper/darker/more vibrant colors.

For the MLG TE I recommend

[]sand down the sides (getting off all the chrome)
]Primer the 2 sides
[]Multiple coats of paint, taking your time for each layer. Some brands you have to wait 10 min. others you have to wait a week for the enamel to cure before you apply the next coat.
]The your clear coat

Do not attempt painting outdoors on COLD days, as the paint will crack and become scally.
Do not paint indoors without proper ventilation

VHT does have a white “dye” in gloss and matte, which leads me to believe it isn’t dye anymore, as someone also posted in painting a stick with krylon that VHT peeled.