Painting custom stick cases

I bought a darkside from about a year ago. It is the one named Triforce on his site. When it first came in it was like a piece of art, but since then the paint coating has gotten scratched off and just dirty looking at parts. What exactly do stick makers use to paint their sticks that end up making it look like plastic? Or even past that, is there any specific type of paint that would last a while (more than a year)?

I’m mainly looking for white. My friend who is building a stick reccomended that I use spray paint but my brother said it would end up looking bumpy or hairy or some crap. Any advice?

No advice, but I’m interested in finding out the answers to your questions too.

I use spraypaint. the key to making it look glossy is using multiple layers, sanding between each application. Thats what I do, and I use glossy paint.

Thanks for the tips. How do you make sure the paint goes on evenly instead of bunching up in spots?

Don’t spray too close, and don’t let it drip. If you get a drip, or too much paint, just sand it till its level, and put another coat on. by 3 coats or so, it will start to look really nice. sometimes I spend a week or so painting these things, but I live in florida and its pretty humid, and takes longer to dry.