Painting dust washer


how should i paint those? i’d like one in white, but i dont know if normal spraypoint works to get them white, since its on black underground.
so if anybody who did this would like to tell me, i’d be happy. search didnt reveal anything


It should be similar to any other plastic you paint. I usually sand first, then add multiple thin layers of spray paint for plastic. From black to white will probably take a good number of coats, but it is definitely doable if you have the patience.


Yeah, if you don’t have a proper plastic paint, use a plastic primer and then a white acrylic over the top.

Treat it like any other plastic job needing to be painted.


vinyl dye like krylon fusion – no need to prime or sand – it bonds to the plastic, and dries really quickly – u should be abelto find it at autozone, among other places.


i’ve never painted any dust washer but i have used vinyl dye on controllers and it works like a charm. the paint has even stayed on buttons.


In Germany you can get Revell spray paint.
I use that for plastic.


ah thanks, was searching for a german spraypaint :B


i used plastidip on my dr.pepper girl stick and it’s almost been a year. no wear and tear. and plastidip shrinks to a nice form fit.

plastidip spray can btw.

ill post up a pic if you want to see the results i got with it. no sanding required


just sprayed the first coat (finally it’s warm enough outside).
worked good.

but i have another question:

if i would want to paint a balltop in a custom colour, would the colour hold? since i would hold it in my hand all day i thought it maybe not a good idea to paint it.


It should be alright, just make sure you roughen up each layer with sandpaper as you paint it and put a lot of coats of paint on it, plus 2-3 clear coats.


Yeah, the big thing with doing ball tops is to make sure you have a good amount of clear coat on top of the paint, and then you should not run into any wear on it.


“Franco B” posted stainless dust washers in the trade forum a long time ago. I contacted him but no reply. These looked really sweet. I plan on posting a WTB thread once I have enough posts to do so in the trade forum.