Painting HRAP 2SA Case

Trying to paint my HRAP 2 SA case Completely black and i want it to look professional the body has scratches now and is starting to show age so i want to ‘refresh it’ and make it look new and i dont want the paint to start chipping etc etc. The other guide i saw was on wood but this is plastic can someone please help. Thanks.

spray paint that joint son

Krylon fusion seems to be the paint of choice for plastic, but I haven’t had any luck with it.

^ Did you primer first? :wonder:

Or you could see if anyone wants to trade a white case for a black case in the trading outlet.

Or you could try this…

sweet that vinyl die looks sweet

but might be wierd going from white to black.

I dont want to trade because all the black ones dont have the easy open allen wrench top that i want. Except the HRAP 3 sa and i doubt someone will switch for an old one with scratches…