Painting Lexan?

Hi guys, I was just wondering if there is any prior procedures before painting lexan such as priming, sanding, and whatnot. How many coats of paint should I do before it’s finalized? I wanted to paint one side of the lexan panel so that the material is transparent outside, while showing the paint in the back. I really want to know how to get this done, so I can present my cases for sale.

Why limit someone with painted lexan, and go through the complication of doing it? Just put a solid color print under it and you have the same effect more or less.

For a single color I think a painted lexan is going to look better than just a solid print underneath, but I have to agree, if you’re going to sell it, limiting someone by not being able to change art (or even add art) is going to be a downside.

With that said, you should have some scraps left from your top, get out a can of spray paint and experiment if you’re set on painting it. I’d make sure to tape all of the side edges off as well as the top, to make sure the paint is only on the bottom.

I have never painted one for a stick, but I used to paint polycarbonate R/C car bodys.(they are painted on the inside) Do not sand, do not prime. Just clean the surface and get all your oily fingerprints and dirt off of it. You can put on as many coats as you want. You don’t have to worry about runs or dust that lands on top of the paint, because you won’t be able to see it from the other side. Even a truly crap paint job looks awesome from the other side:D The hobby store sells special paint for the car bodys, but it is probably not necessary.

Just corroborating DevilsFang. I’ve painted a ton of RC bodies as well. A few tips:

1 - check out for tips and samples of what you can do with lexan.
2 - after you lay down you color coat and let it dry, spray another layer of silver or white to make the color brighter or black to make the color darker.
3 - as DevilsFang says, you don’t need polycarbonate paint, but if you expect to be handling the lexan a lot, you’ll want to use it because its elasticity will prevent the paint from chipping or flaking.
4 - paint it from behind, meaning that you paint on the side that faces the stick (no the player).


I think the same applies to Lexan, but not quite sure. Others already touched up on it.


This is good stuff here. I did not know about the silver and black final coats, but it make perfect sense:tup:

thanks for the info.
Besides using rc paint, what other type of spray paint is good for lexan?

You could try this:

If you are just going black, you could use the Black bumper paint from the auto parts store. Even if you use a flat paint, it will appear glossy from the other side.

These are just guesses, but that is what I would try if I were you.

I’ve used Krylon’ Fusion paints to paint on harder plastics - doing primer coats on a Nerf gun and on a Mighty Muggs. They work great for those kinds of plastics, but I did have a problem when trying to primer the lightsaber that came with the Mighty Muggs that I customized.

I wanted to customize and paint the lightsaber and turn it into a pencil (I painted the MM in the likeness of an artist friend of mine), but when I tried to prime it - the paint never seemed to dry correctly. After a couple of light coats and drying time, the paint felt gummy - as if it wasn’t completely dry.

Something to watch out for.

I should also mention that the RC hobby sucks for those on a budget. Polycarbonate paint usually comes in a spray can 1/3 size of a normal spray can of Krylon or Rustoleum, but it’s usually twice the price. And that’s the way it is for someone that is into RCs. The stuff is usually expensive cause they know the hobbyists will pay.