Painting my HRAP2

hey guys,

just wondering whats the best way of painting one of these…mines a dark blue and i want it black.

thanks in advance

Don’t paint it. Dye it.

so literallty i get vinyl dye spray and just spray away at it?

sounds awesome, cheers dude.

got a hrap2 capcom jam and its fucking hideous. lol

got it dirt cheap so modding it at the mo, my mate has put a 360 pcb in there and im modding in the headset soon.

you know anything about changing the artwork? ive used a template and was just wondering how i go about taking the vinyl decal off and putting the new artwork on?

Yup. Here is a thread as well, pertaining to the dye on an Agetec.

As for the art, I would imagine lami label from Kinkos would be the best thing for HRAPs with no plexi/lexan cover.

hmmmm no kinkos here, i live in the uk. what is the lami label thing?

so if i get it laminated as such i will not need plexi/lexan cover?

Lami label is only at Kinkos. Honestly not sure what else to use. Maybe an adhesive vinyl?

so it seems, that for some reason plasti-kote do not supply vinyl dye in the uk…and i cant find any alternatives…

any other suggestions guys :O(

im really disheartened

Have you tried “Duplicolor”? Can you not buy Plasti-kote online or will they not ship it to the UK due to certain laws?

im guessing its coz some of the chemicals are banned over here, i spoke to one of their reps and it would be a complete understatement if i were call here a ‘useless C@*T’.

well i went to the local halfords (bike and automotive store) and they have their own brand flexible vinyl paint, which after reading the back is exactly the same…so im sorted on that now.

thanks for all your help guy.